Six years ago today my life changed forever…

To my precious daughter on her sixth birthday: "You smile brightens my soul and your laughter warms my heart. I truly think you're gorgeous - even when you fart! Every day I thank the universe for giving you to me. And I am always here for you - even when we disagree. Six years ago … [Read more...]

A mother’s love is infinite, circular and has no boundaries.

As his chubby hands reach for either side of my face and pull me in for a kiss, I look into his eyes and fall in love all over again. His little soul is wise beyond his years and every day he looks up at me with his piercing green eyes and tells me "love you moon back mumma". When I hurt … [Read more...]

My baby boy almost drowned and it was all my fault.

As I ran towards the pool all I could see was my baby, head down, arms thrashing about trying to save his own life. I had taken my eyes off him for not more than 10 seconds to check on the whereabouts of his siblings. But it was long enough for him to fall in to the pool and almost drown … [Read more...]