My last D&M for a bit – I feel it’s time you have more laughs on me

I'm torn right now. I have so much to get off my chest about my son's recent surgery and recovery. But I've just read a post from someone who is going through so much worse right now, she's a mum, she's a trooper, she's Trish. I want to write about how hard it was to watch my son begging … [Read more...]

Being in hospital sure does give you some perspective

Perspective, this is something I think I will get a lot of during my stay in hospital this week. If you read yesterday's post you will know that I'm there to hold my middle boy's hand and heart while he heals after kidney surgery. Today (Tuesday) is likely to be the worst day, post-op, lots of … [Read more...]

I must confess that today will be a scary day for our son.

As you read this it's likely that my 4-year-old boy and I are waiting for our place in surgery. Nil by mouth isn't fun for anyone, especially a boy who likes to graze ALL DAY LONG. However, I'm sure he and I will tough it out. I'll look in to his big blue eyes and offer him the reassurance … [Read more...]