On mistaking a child’s anxiety for tiredness.

My son is sick with worry right now. Today he and his older sister are getting their tonsils removed. Over the weekend he was complaining of a sore tummy, acting up and generally misbehaving; I put it down to tiredness. Yesterday he peeped his head through the door while I was in the bathroom and … [Read more...]

On selling the last piece of baby furniture.

My son was 14 months old when he threw himself over the side of his cot. Thankfully he only scored massive carpet burns and didn't do any serious damage. That incident gives you an idea of what my fast and furious third child is like, he hates boundaries. Of course we had to buy him a bed … [Read more...]

A lazy shoppers guide to saving money!

*This post is brought to you by Shop A Docket Saving money is like shaving, we could all try harder but what's a little fuzz between friends? Some people are fantastic at going that extra distance to save a buck, unfortunately that person isn't often me. I'm what you call a Lazy Shopper, a person … [Read more...]