When I had to be a helicopter mum – Wordless Wednesday.

As soon as our son's drains, needles and tubes were removed, he sprung back to life. Less than 48 hours after major surgery he was keen to 'show off' his hospital surroundings to his siblings. I was a helicopter mum for a bit there, worrying that he might overdo it, but thankfully he knew his … [Read more...]

I must confess that today will be a scary day for our son.

As you read this it's likely that my 4-year-old boy and I are waiting for our place in surgery. Nil by mouth isn't fun for anyone, especially a boy who likes to graze ALL DAY LONG. However, I'm sure he and I will tough it out. I'll look in to his big blue eyes and offer him the reassurance … [Read more...]

A silly sign, a creepy hand and one lonely chair – Wordless Wednesday

1. Be warned, if you use the Gold Coast's new light rail on your bike without a front wheel then you're going to fall off. Thanks for the warning transport authorities. 2. Check out the creepy hand on my knee when I was saying good luck to my daughter who started Grade One this week. Yes it's … [Read more...]