20 things parents are sick of saying to their kids!

I never thought that I would come to hate the sound of my delicious nasally voice. Sure I admit other people tired of it YEARS ago, but I kind of thought the love affair I have with speaking would never end. But cracks are starting to show, and not just bum cracks, but fractures in the … [Read more...]

The photo that the universe didn’t want published!

  This is the post that everyone (okay 6 people) have been hanging to see. I posted this on Wednesday mid-morning after much difficulty trying to upload two bloody photos. A few people saw it and commented (including Mrs Woog - yes I'm totally being a wanker right now) but then it got sucked … [Read more...]

Top 3 signs you’re in the trenches of parenting!

If you've had to wipe a bum other than your own today then you're still in the trenches of parenting. Similarly, you're still knee-high in mud if you still have plastic things in your power points so one of your kids doesn't shove a fork in there. I have to say that there are moments in my … [Read more...]