Mum Fesses Up To Inadequacies – A News Report

Despite all three children finally being at school, a Gold Coast mum has revealed her house is still cluttered, her waistline ever-expanding and she still hasn't made that voluntary superannuation payment. … [Read more...]

How to keep yourself amused when it rains cats and dogs during your garage sale!

I can't be too worried that I didn't make the $1000 I stupidly dreamed I'd make. I donated most of it to Lifeline sold six years of clothes/toys and stuff - and it feels great to have cleaned out lots of cupboards. After advertising costs I maybe made nearly $400, not bad really, but it was a … [Read more...]

Why we blurt out stuff no one gives a flying fug about!

As far as over sharing goes I take the gong - those who know me personally will be nodding right about now. I have a compulsion to blurt out all sorts of stuff no one really gives a flying fug about! Take a visit to my hairdresser last week: Mildred (not real name) has been 'doing' me for five … [Read more...]