The End Of An Era, And Taking A Lover!

My husband just told me that I could now get a boyfriend. … [Read more...]

What I will and won’t miss when school goes back!

Can you smell it? It's the sweet aroma signalling that it's nearly back to school time! On Monday I lamented the end of school holidays because I was enjoying just chilling with ma homies. Some very astute people questioned my sanity, my sobriety and my sense. While I do love the lazy factor of … [Read more...]

Why I am cursing the end of school holidays!

While most mums are pulling victory laps of the school drop-off zone - I'm actually lamenting the end of the school holidays! And no I haven't gone soft in the head, I just really adored spending quality time with my oldest cherub, we also had lots of laughs. Not surprisingly I also LOVED not … [Read more...]