The Travesty That Is Recycling and DUST!

I know I should be writing about the travesty that is occurring in Australia right now in regards to recycling. If you haven't heard, neither the Federal, State or Local governments wants to cough up any money to recycle all those things we diligently sort each week. That's right, they are … [Read more...]

When You Suck At Moderation

Hello my name is Emily and I suck at moderation. Come to think of it I have always been terrible at taking things in small doses, well except for that horrific cherry-flavoured antibiotic I had to consume for ear infections as a kid. For example, come Easter I would probably have all my stash … [Read more...]

Let the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games begin! (tomorrow)

So tomorrow is the start of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games - did you know? Or care? I've been helping to build up hype with a few articles here and there - the city really is throwing everything it has at this event. Lots of locals have left town in anticipation of the epic crowds … [Read more...]