Do child actually eat sandwiches at school anymore?

Our Christmas tree came down yesterday. I know right, I'm at least one month ahead of schedule. I'm also stocked up on 24 pairs of white socks, 35 annoying reusable BPA-free containers and enough pencils, highlighters and glue sticks to sink an inflatable boat. You might think it's a bit early … [Read more...]

11 Batman, DC Comics, Justice League & Superhero Xmas Gift Ideas

Remember balking at the price of licensed products? And instead of getting them you used to buy a cheaper but not-so-cool alternative? Well things have changed and these days you can score DC Comics superheroes or the Justice League licensed products at reasonable prices. When I was flown to … [Read more...]

I Don’t Know Where To Start…

Anyone else have so many things to do they don't know where to start? So instead of starting I'm sitting at the computer and hope it will help me gather my thoughts. Before that I was walking from room-to-room aimlessly, not quite sure which task to attack first. … [Read more...]