When You Suck At Moderation

Hello my name is Emily and I suck at moderation. Come to think of it I have always been terrible at taking things in small doses, well except for that horrific cherry-flavoured antibiotic I had to consume for ear infections as a kid. For example, come Easter I would probably have all my stash … [Read more...]

Let the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games begin! (tomorrow)

So tomorrow is the start of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games - did you know? Or care? I've been helping to build up hype with a few articles here and there - the city really is throwing everything it has at this event. Lots of locals have left town in anticipation of the epic crowds … [Read more...]

Fact: Not everyone is going to like you

After this mornings obligatory 40-year-old boob squish, I took myself off to the shops because next week my first baby turns 10! Yes I've been failing fabulously at this parenting caper for nearly a decade. I can't believe it. As it happened I managed to buy more things for myself than my … [Read more...]