Who’s The Haggler In Your Household?

If you're in the market for a red hot deal, never take me with you. Why? I just can't haggle. Sure it might seem odd considering I interview mostly strangers for a living and can churn out a pretty nifty Vox Pop when called upon. … [Read more...]

When The Chips Are Down

Those who follow me on FB will know I recently experienced toe trauma, and will probably lose my nail. Not such a big deal I know, but poking a needle into my nail to relieve the pressure was, but I did it. Oh the relief. Sadly it was short-lived. This morning I'm off to get it some medical … [Read more...]

Help? How On Earth Do I Not Binge Watch Netflix?

Breaking up is hard to do - especially if the other partner makes it hard and is so needy their behaviour borders on desperation. But I've been trying to make this break since February last year. Each time I just get sucked back in, maybe I'm just too soft. … [Read more...]