Why you must BACK-UP immediately!

As we 'speak' I am waiting for a young computer geek to knock on my door. You see a few months ago my PC died, and I hadn't backed up in ages. Miraculously with the help of my bro-in-law I got it to work again. Then I backed up so fast I almost gave myself whiplash. But it's been 4 or so weeks … [Read more...]

Nothing like PMS week to restart writing this blog.

Nothing like PMS week to restart writing this blog. That incidentally turns 6 in a few weeks. It's also raining rats and frogs and so far we've clocked up about 7 inches in the past week - makes for a fun washing situation. Oh boring, she's talking about washing, YEP because that's what my … [Read more...]

Participation Ribbons, School Camp and Banning Cartwheels

My son's permission slip for camp is glaring at me from a pile of 'things that I can do to avoid boring but necessary writing jobs'. And while my daughter has been on many 'away' camps, the thought of my 8-year-old going away with his classmates for an overnight camp at hour away now seems … [Read more...]