I Don’t Know Where To Start…

Anyone else have so many things to do they don't know where to start? So instead of starting I'm sitting at the computer and hope it will help me gather my thoughts. Before that I was walking from room-to-room aimlessly, not quite sure which task to attack first. … [Read more...]

7 Must-Have Wonder Woman Christmas Gift Ideas

The hottest super hero this season is Wonder Woman and I'm delighted the comic world is finally celebrating a strong female character. We're all about 'girls can do anything' in our household. In fact we're also all about 'boys can do anything' - which is why I've been known to paint my sons' … [Read more...]

In Honour Of My Dad Who Turns 70 Today!

Today my incredible dad turns 70, and because I can't be with him (he's overseas with mum) I thought I'd write a special post in his honour. My dad is someone who has devoted his ENTIRE life to making other people happy. He's worked hard to raise three daughters, give them the best education … [Read more...]