My husband’s little secret.

My nostrils were flaring after my husband let me in on his little secret. We were discussing my desire to dye my hair brown and he quietly said that he actually preferred brunettes over blondes but "it was lucky that I had such a great personality". Now there's an insult in there somewhere but I'm … [Read more...]

I miss men.

I like women I really do but I also like men, a lot. Not in that way you cheeky things, but in a way that they are completely different to women and I find that refreshing. Sadly my life is void of males that stimulate me, again, mind out of gutter. I'm talking about those conversations you … [Read more...]

10 drivers we all love to hate. 

I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I know I'm not the biggest tool on the road. This past weekend I clocked up about 450km travelling up and down a four-lane highway and encountered a menagerie of drivers along the way. Some were a menace, others amusing but the most entertaining was … [Read more...]