Home Alone – For The First Time In A Decade

Not even kidding, for the past 24 hours not one person has asked something of me. Well that's not quite accurate, yesterday afternoon my masseuse asked if the pressure was okay. Not even kidding about the masseuse either! #treatedmyself Do you feel as though you've reached the twilight zone? … [Read more...]

Date night before and after kids

It's fair to say my husband and I were the only couple on 'date night' at Yum Cha earlier this week. We were nearly seated next to a table of six 20-something women laughing and chatting so I asked to move to a quieter table #oldfart. … [Read more...]

A life-changing breakthrough I’ve had recently

Hello possums! Wow, what a crazy few weeks I've had. Talk about baptism by fire, I've had some incredible awakenings recently. And they were WELL overdue. I won't get into the deeply personal ones yet (you know I'm all about short and sweet) but let's talk about my house and the CLUTTER. … [Read more...]