Help? How On Earth Do I Not Binge Watch Netflix?

Breaking up is hard to do - especially if the other partner makes it hard and is so needy their behaviour borders on desperation. But I've been trying to make this break since February last year. Each time I just get sucked back in, maybe I'm just too soft. … [Read more...]

Every. Single. Morning.

As I walked slowly to my bedroom I ignored my fighting children and tried to shut the sliding door ferocious enough so they'd hear. Slamming a sliding door certainly does not have the same impact that a normal swing door does. But they got the point. Yes I was having a mumtantrum. … [Read more...]

A School Holiday MUST-DO Event – Little BIG DASH!

I'd like to consider myself a fun mum, although I'm sure my kids have an entirely different view of me. They probably consider me more of a poorly dressed drill sergeant who makes really lame jokes and silly faces that they laugh at because they feel sorry for me! … [Read more...]