That Time I Was Reckless & Lived To Tell The Tale

This post is brought to you by The NRMA Once upon the 90s there was a girl who fancied herself a little bit of daredevil. As such she thought it a good idea to actually try to get her granny blue Ford Escort air bound over a hill in true Dukes of Hazzard style. With mates in the car and a … [Read more...]

Who’s The Haggler In Your Household?

If you're in the market for a red hot deal, never take me with you. Why? I just can't haggle. Sure it might seem odd considering I interview mostly strangers for a living and can churn out a pretty nifty Vox Pop when called upon. … [Read more...]

When The Chips Are Down

Those who follow me on FB will know I recently experienced toe trauma, and will probably lose my nail. Not such a big deal I know, but poking a needle into my nail to relieve the pressure was, but I did it. Oh the relief. Sadly it was short-lived. This morning I'm off to get it some medical … [Read more...]