On Being A New Zealander After The Mosque Shootings

Like most Kiwis I've hit rock bottom over the weekend and can't fathom what has happened in Christchurch. There's been too many mass shootings in recent years, but the one that happened in NZ last week shocked me to the core. Why? Because it happened in New Zealand. This might not make sense … [Read more...]

Instead Of A Facelift – I Got This For My Birthday!

Last week's birthday came and went without much fanfare, but I did treat myself to a little facelift. And by facelift I obviously mean for my HOUSE, because there's no way I could afford cosmetic surgery. Besides, if I had money I wouldn't go under the knife, I'd prefer a chef, cleaner, personal … [Read more...]

Congrats Aussies – you’ve just survived the hottest January on record!

Like me you're probably either a sweaty Betty right now or have a scratchy throat from the air-con you can't bring yourself to turn off. That is if you live in Australia. The facts are out, thanks to the Bureau of Meteorology, and January 2019 was Australia's hottest month since records began in … [Read more...]