Who is Emily

Mmmm where to start, I’m a journalist, freelance writer, blogger and SMARTY PANTS!

As a mum to three children, at one stage I had 3 aged 3.5 and under, I know the crazy world that is juggling parenthood with the real world.

They say once a journalist always a journalist, so I always have my ear to the ground, am SUPER nosy and am VERY inquisitive.

As featured in Get It Magazine.

ISSUU - Get it oct by Get it Magazine

Ummm  what else…

I work about 25 hours a week from home, and to say I’m sane is a definite overstatement, my three munchkins, my UBER supportive husband, my honest family and friends are my world.



I try to give some light entertainment to struggling parents by saying what they are often too scared to – I call it as I see it!

Being a mum is a tough gig, way worse than having to deal with people who hate journalists.

However it is the most rewarding profession in the world and every day I look at my children as the most amazing thing I have ever achieved.

If you want to get hold of me for any reason

EMAIL ME  [email protected](dot).com or [email protected](dot)com