Instead Of A Facelift – I Got This For My Birthday!

Last week’s birthday came and went without much fanfare, but I did treat myself to a little facelift. And by facelift I obviously mean for my HOUSE, because there’s no way I could afford cosmetic surgery.

Besides, if I had money I wouldn’t go under the knife, I’d prefer a chef, cleaner, personal trainer, VA, car washer, a person to clean the grout in my showers, a stylist and a professional makeup artist.

I digress.

I’ve decided to slowly revamp our modest house so I don’t hate living and working from it. Our end goal is to pay off our mortgage, rent by the beach and live happily ever after.

For years I’ve scorned our lackluster pillows and the tacky eBay canvas art my husband bought more than a decade ago. And last week I just threw them out and bought some new ones. Happy birthday to me!

(And no, I haven’t been watching Marie Kondo on Netflix and I won’t be. I was an early adopter; after reading her book in 2017 I threw out 70 rubbish bags of stuff).

But by far the most exciting addition to our house is a window dressing from Blinds in Print . Here’s a little sampler from their website.

blinds in printA few weeks ago I got an email from a delightful gent named Cameron, he offered to GIFT me a blind if I’d write about my experience.

His timing was on the money because the day before I had instructed my husband to remove all the vile vertical blinds our house came with. There weren’t many left as I had already yanked them down in fits of rage years ago because UGLY and USELESS!

But the one in our kitchen/living area remained because we needed to keep out Queensland’s harsh afternoon sun. It makes us sweaty and cranky at dinner time.

So, it was ‘yes from me’. Now please feast your eyes on my new blind (there’s a bigger photo further down) alongside the atrocity that used to be there.

I went for the Byron (blockout) Chateau darrrrhhhhling. And because I know you will ask – it’s RRP is $220 AUD – WHAT A BARGAIN!

You’ll also notice my new cushions and table setting. It’s a bit like those before and after fat/skinny photos when they make the person scowl in their before photo and smile in the after.

Except nothing like this.

I just figured I deserved to change it up and knew that the $12.99 present my husband bought me from Wish would not arrive from China in time for my birthday.

I digress, again.

Back to Blinds in Print and what they are all about. You know I love bullet points so…

Here’s 7 reasons to love these blinds:

1. Ordering online is easy, all you have to do is measure the frame, choose your accessory colours and styles and VIOLA.

2. You can choose from traditional, designer or commercial blinds. There are even blinds for nurseries.

3. Excitingly, you can transform your own logo, pattern or design into a blind – perfect for the workplace or a special room in your home!

4. Samples can be sent to you for colour matching and this removes any niggling doubts you might have once you’ve ordered.

5. It takes minutes to install and there are instructions online. It took my handy hubby five minutes!

6. Blinds in Print also offers motorised blinds, remotes and chargers as an optional extra.

7. Because the blinds are made in Australia, their turnaround is just 14 days!

Fun Fact – Set up in 2017, the Sydney-based interior designer gurus set up this business to give the humble roller blind a new lease of life!

Blinds in Print 1

And comedian Celeste Barber thinks she has a #hothusband, well I’ve got a Kiwi beefcake too, AND he’s handy #handyhusband.

blinds in Print - handy hubby

There you have it, a snippet of what’s been happening in my world. I am in love with my blinds and no longer hate my living room.

I can thoroughly suggest Blinds in Print, and not just because they gave me a free blind. I want one for my lounge and I’ll make my #handyhusband think it’s his idea and then get one. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Update – the team at Blinds in Print have also launched a new online business – Acoustic Blinds and Curtains. More to come…’


In the market for a funky blind?

What is your favourite window dressing?

Have you got a #handyhusband too?


  1. I love the look of these. We too need to get rid of our vertical blinds.. so out dated!

  2. Yes I do have a hot handy hubby 😉 … there were verticals throughout our new house when we bought it and I hated them. We’ve bought a few slimline venetians but still have many windows with sheets up LOL so yes, you could say I am in the market for funky blinds!

  3. Score!!!
    There’s a blind company whose van says “blind man driving”

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