Just Not Today

It’s been so long since I’ve written an honest, open and personal post, but I figure it’s my site and I can do what I want.

This morning I was searching through a FB page that often has work for copywriters and I discovered someone has stolen my Write Styling tagline for their business – it’s ‘Words with Impact’.

Of course I don’t own the rights for this tagline but for some reason today I’ve taken it really personally. Probably due to a severe lack of sleep. You’d think after 20 years as an insomniac I’d be used to it by now.

Owning your own business, drumming up your own clients and not ever having paid sick days or holidays can start to wear you down after nearly 8 years.

Day after day it’s not knowing what’s coming, but still being busy enough to earn a full-time wage from home. But some days I’d just like to chuck it in and go and work at a funky cafe by the beach.

On the weekend we had Santa photos taken on the beach and I stopped for a coffee at a funky place in Coolangatta and the staff seemed so happy and carefree.

beach gold coast

I used to love working at a cafe in my 20s while in between jobs. It was easy, fun and I knew each week a wage would come in for me. And if I was sick I GOT A DAY OFF!

Sure, I could go and get a full-time job, but I made a decision years ago to make it work from home. And it does, 99 per cent of the time.

Just not today.

Today I’m gutted someone has got the same tagline as me, and that they are potentially stealing my future clients.

Today I’m bone-tired and don’t have any inspiration to sell my amazing writing skills, that I’ve honed over 20 years, to people who don’t want to pay a decent amount for it.

Today I want to berate myself for not having the confidence or courage to write that book I know I have in me (and keep talking about).

Today I just want to lie on the couch all day and each dumplings but I’m trying so hard to eat well that if I do I know I’ll be mad at myself later.

Today I wish I had a job in an office where I chewed the fat about stupid stuff, eat cake/vegan biscuits on someone’s birthday and have paid holidays.

Today I would love to have a Christmas Party to dress up for and be recognised for all my hard work.

Today PMS is winning the battle (but I am determined to win the war).

Today I know I should be grateful but I’m just not feeling it.

But hey, tomorrow is another day and after a big night’s sleep I’m sure I will wake seeing a room full of glasses that are half full.

Until then, I shall give myself a day and some self-love. And listen to my favourite song right now, Pink’s version of A Million Dreams. (it’s already had 6.2 million views)


What do you love/hate about working from home?

You getting ready for Xmas?

Tell me what’s making you see empty glasses today?


  1. Oh my god! Have you seen the you tube video of Pink and her daughter Willow singing A Million Dreams? It’s a ‘tissue’ feel good clip! How bloody amazing is Pink!

    And YOU are amazing too! No one can steal your heart and integrity Em! No one!

    AND your kids will have a Million Memories of time spent together as a family because I think you dream of a million ways to make those memories happen. I see photographic evidence all the time ????

    I’m glad you’ve given yourself a day to feel all the feels today. Your tomorrow self will definitely thank you.

    Much love. ????????

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