Why you must BACK-UP immediately!

As we ‘speak’ I am waiting for a young computer geek to knock on my door.

You see a few months ago my PC died, and I hadn’t backed up in ages. Miraculously with the help of my bro-in-law I got it to work again.

Then I backed up so fast I almost gave myself whiplash. But it’s been 4 or so weeks since I last did it because unless things are written on sticky note I forget. A combination of old age, dying brain cells and my ability to pretend bad things don’t happen.

And that is a serious amount of work, invoices, drafts, pages of my book (that I will probably never publish) down the gurgler.

Speaking of gurgler, does anyone still have one of those garbage disposal things (insinkerator?) that shreds food you shove down your sink? Are they still a thing? Remember they used to feature in horror movies?

Anyway, I digress. So now I am in the kitchen on my laptop that I don’t like because the keyboard isn’t clunky – sure it lights up blue and I do like that it’s silver.

But I HATE that with laptops there’s some shortcut to changing the language from US to UK because I seem to hit it every other letter and then when I want to do a @ I get a ” and vice versa – THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

Call me old-fashioned but I like to sit hunched over an actual old school computer with a black box whirring away on the floor beside me and a large screen atop phone books because I’m workplace safety conscious.

laptops versus PC

Sigh. Anyway at $50 an hour he seems like a bargain to me.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t want to take it away with him….. because you know that’ll mean handing over more clams.

I suppose it’s the best excuse to fart about the house and write a blog post. Actually right now I’m in the middle of revamping my business website so I can woo customers and make enough money to rehire the cleaners that made my life worth living.

What a bung fight that is. Yes both cleaning the house AND writing my own website content. Think about it, I’m trying to woo customers with my website content prowess so mine must be EPIC!

A bit like someone trying to convince me to buy a thermomix that never cooks. Just kidding, I would never buy one unless it could actually learn to put the food IN THE OVEN for me.

Wish me luck and back-up NOW!

Are you a laptop or PC person?
Who solves all your computer woes?


  1. Oh no!

    *plugs hard drives into all computers and launches backup software*

    Hope it’s an easy fix.
    A x

  2. OMG I have been using Backblaze for a few years and HIGHLY recommend it. It backs up to the cloud and more or less it by itself…. I learned the hard way!

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