Nothing like PMS week to restart writing this blog.

Nothing like PMS week to restart writing this blog. That incidentally turns 6 in a few weeks.

It’s also raining rats and frogs and so far we’ve clocked up about 7 inches in the past week – makes for a fun washing situation.

Oh boring, she’s talking about washing, YEP because that’s what my life is like. Quite boring.

Well, except for the past weekend where we had two-nights at a kid-friendly resort. You know, water parks, slides and kids club for the offspring and cafes serving booze overlooking the pools.

Talk about a win/win. Ran into a woman from Melbourne with two kids, she was a lot saner than I, but we laughed over our cocktails about how our lives had changed. She was still skinny though.

Her kids were nagging her to get in the pool, whereas mine stopped doing that years ago because they realised it was a pointless pursuit. Maybe = Never.

I’ll leap in the ocean with you, but not a lukewarm children’s pool that is wee temperature and probably full of it. Shudder.

Back to the rain, see I told you I was getting more boring in old age.

The roof is leaking, the pool is nearly overflowing, my house smells like wet dog (we don’t have a dog) and I haven’t seen the sun for almost 5 days.

And I have PMS so I’m prone to happy and sad moments at the drop of a piece of toast that leaves CRUMBS EVERYWHERE.

I also broke my most prized domestic appliance last week, my Dyson, so I’m now resorting to using a broom, just the grumpy old witch the kids think I am.

The replacement part had better arrive soon, sweeping carpet has NOT been a very successful endeavour.

But it’s not all gloom and doom, I was scrolling through my phone to see if I had been up to anything fun and found the below photo.

lamborghini duvet cover

Now if that isn’t a long dong hanging down from the middle of my son’s new Lamborghini duvet cover then slap me with a moldy turnip.

Oh I just laughed and laughed. Also, I love his little 8-year-old feet – that are getting dangerously huge. He’s almost a size 8! ADULTS!

Not a wonderful situation as adults clothes and footwear are twice the price of kids, groan. As long as when he’s 16 he still gives me super big hugs he can be as tall as he likes.

Right now I’m also procrastinating because I have to interview some retirees who have moved to a lifestyle resort and plan to live out their twilight years in luxury. I can’t wait to retiree.

Actually I’ve interviewed a few interesting peeps recently, such as a climatologist from BOM. He had a dry sense of humour – BOOM TISH. Actually that’s a lie, he had no humour.

Okay I can’t delay work any longer, and I think it’s been quite therapeutic to moan about this and that. Maybe if I vent, muse or ponder here I might be less cranky to everyone else in my family.

I’ll leave you with this… because you know this is an accurate representation of moi!

Have you had much rain? If you’re in a drought area I do hope so?

What about swimming with your kids?


  1. Haha don’t ever change Em.

    That quilt cover is hilarious. Nope, I never swim.

    Glad you enjoyed the break.

  2. We are drowning, we’ve had to move the rabbits to higher ground in the garden…. I am not starting to wonder if the farmers really do need much more.. once their dams are full I will start moaning in earnest.

    Well, pools with kids not so much but I do love a good water park. I had two girls at Jamberoo in school hols and slid about half as much as they did… LOVE IT. Love a swim too of course, wish the kids would join me in swimming in the sea but not yet.

    Life beyond menopause is marvellous, I am here to tell you. I do not miss PMS or periods one bit.

    • Oh I am so excited to one day be free of shark week – as will my family.
      Beach swimming is my favourite, wish I lived closer, I’d come with you.
      Nice to see your smiling face in my comment’s section. Em xxx

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