What I have achieved so far in 2018…

Years ago I would have bemoaned the fact that I hadn’t actually achieved much in the five months since the calendar changed. But not now.

You see, I can’t get upset because I haven’t actually make any effort to achieve grandeur, so I have no business getting my knickers in a knot.

I’ve got stacks of friends smashing personal and professional goals and I’m here on the sideline rooting for them – they worked their butt off and deserve all their successes.

As for me, like many of you, my achievements so far this year might be small but they be mighty.

What I have achieved so far in 2018…

1. Not achieving spontaneous human combustion at the amount of ferrying of children I do to various extra curricular events.

2. Resisted some 23,567 Facebook adverts urging me to get fit by buying this book, DVD, toaster, personal trainer, donkey.

2. I have delivered children to school (and sport’s games) on time, without them having to fetch a late ticket (no mean feat).

3. My weight gain has only been in proportion to food eaten. (see what I did there).

4. Walking/running the kids to and from school for 2 weeks (out of 20) in my defense I got sick and then lost all my motivation to restart.

5. I have refrained from telling the person inquiring about my well-being that I was ‘busy’ (because apparently that’s now a dirty word) and instead I tell them ‘I’m living the dream’. Those who know me and my sarcastic humour laugh at this, while those who don’t, try to congratulate me!

6. Made my husband grow a hedge tall enough so I can sit on my front lawn without being seen from the road and watch the afternoon sunset and stars at night.

What I have achieved so far in 2018…

7. I have a positive outlook on life despite some young upstart telling me I looked pregnant on my 40th birthday!

8. Stopped myself from saying something when I knew it would fall on deaf ears. Mainly because ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it’.

9. Made a concerted effort to fold the washing the same day I bring it in. Effort being the key word in all this.

10. I haven’t lost a child in a crowd.

11. Refrained from publishing a post entitled ‘yes parenting older kids is harder than younger ones’ because I’m not a fan of hate mail.

Oh the list could go on and on, a bit like those adverts telling me now is the time to achieve the body I want. But let’s just stop there.

Tell me, what have you achieved this year? Big or small I’d love to know.

Also, have you fallen victim to any persistent Facebook adverts? If so, which one?


  1. No late slips? Em that is a triumph that warrants celebration!
    Teach me your ways!

  2. Bec Bowyer says

    Oh that view! Spectacular! But also – I hope your husband also does the hedge trimming. That looks like hard work to maintain 😉

    P.S. Hurrah for #winningatlife and #smashinggoals and #livingthedream. Also for keeping your head above water….

    • Yes he does maintain it, bless his cotton socks! The view really makes me happy – when I get the chance to sit down and take it in! You are someone I consider smashing goals and I am SO cheering for you, you’ve done the hard yards and deserve all your amazing future successes!!!!

      • Bec Bowyer says

        Ha! That’s so funny. Because right now I don’t FEEL like I’m smashing many goals at all! Though I’m still running after them 🙂 Hopefully one day I’ll catch up with them. I check my inbox every morning in the hope that I’ll have good news from my agent!

  3. Nothing I want to achieve. . I have achieved nothing good. Just weight and guilt and debt and lost dreams and frustration… And picked up depression along the way.

    • Oh guilt, it’s the devil. Don’t let it suck the happiness out of your life. Dreams can be found again, one day, or even just making it through each day when you have depression is a MAJOR achievement. MUCH LOVE

  4. Go you!
    I have managed to get my son to school every single day of the school year so far. SO FAR.
    I have developed a great looking muscular right arm from lifting my baby all the time. My left arm looks not so great for reasons I can’t figure out but I’m celebrating the right one anyway haha.
    I have looked after my 4 month old for 4 and a bit months now and it’s going OK!

  5. I just can’t believe that this year is already half way over. I have learn’t this year just how capable I am on my own as a single parent. My confidence was shot and I had no idea how I was going to manage. It’s amazing what you can achieve when your hand is forced.

  6. Gosh you’re going through a tough time, hang in there. But yes it’s amazing when we have no choice we just have to keep on swimming because the alternative isn’t an option… love and light to you

  7. Just subscribed to your blog . You are hilarious and seem very genuine.
    Life is hard but we must choose life hey ?

  8. Well,
    This definitely gave me a good vibe. I was able to relate in a lot of ways.
    Thank you for this!

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