Where Have All The Blue Pens Gone?

I bet you’re thinking I must have better things to do, after a week of being sick, than to be writing about something as trivial as pens.

And you’d be right. However, as I was given two identical ‘mum’s pen’ this Mother’s Day (as a writer would expect to get) – it occurred to me that these days most pens are black and not blue.

Remember when you first started to write with that shiny blue pen? It would glide over the page with such ease compared to your less than svelte and half-chewed pencil.

And I’m not talking ink because ink has NEVER been a friend of the left-handed person, of which I am one.

Yes I’m referring to the garden gnome pen variety that crop up everywhere, those free ones at the hotels and conferences you go to. The ones you can get with your logo on them from Vistaprint that don’t even give you the option for blue (do they?).

The ones you’re given by people who want you to remember who they are and what they do.

They are ALL black.

Now common sense would say it’s because they are cheaper to produce than blue ones. But I haven’t been able to find anything to prove this wild accusation. Of course I haven’t actually looked.

But what I do know is that I miss blue pens. They seem fresher and the words seem to leap off the page a little more than the not-so-black black pens. Have you also noticed that they are almost grey not black?

I’ve just done a quick tally and found I have 6 pens within eyesight and they are all black.

write styling content writer

I wonder how these got in here?

Sure some might call it sophisticated but quite frankly I’m starting to feel a little blah about the black pen.

So much so I am going to ferret about in my drawer to find a blue one and from now on will use just that. (just looked and I haven’t got one, so that’s now written on the list, sadly in black pen)

Come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time I bought a pen, I usually just acquire them. You?

There you have it, just one of the 256 mundane and boring things that currently are taking up valuable real estate in my head. Well that and me wondering how I’ll phone interview people with two sickly kids in the lounge making sicky-type noises.

Sigh. And tomorrow they’ll be subjected to the archaic standardised politician-required testing that is NAPLAN. The poor sods.

Tell me, have you noticed the lack of blue pens in your life?

What about NAPLAN, lover or hater?

Have you got a pen theory for me?


  1. Kids used to go to a school where it was strongly suggested that the dyslexic kids stay home during Naplan. What’s even more humiliating is, it was a christian school. So not really a fan. I have a desk drawer full of blue pens Maybe they all migrated down south?

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