The Travesty That Is Recycling and DUST!

I know I should be writing about the travesty that is occurring in Australia right now in regards to recycling.

If you haven’t heard, neither the Federal, State or Local governments wants to cough up any money to recycle all those things we diligently sort each week.

That’s right, they are going to put it IN LANDFILL! It’s a disgrace and disgusting and I’m furious no one gives a crap.

But because I live a rather average life, and no longer work at the coalface of journalism, I thought I would write about something else that makes my blood boil. To a lesser extent of course.


I’d like to think I run a pretty tight ship. But one thing I can’t seem to keep on top of is dust. Talk about an unwanted party guest. And dust on ceiling fans, what a kick in the face.

I’ve spoken to a few friends about this, I mean who doesn’t sit around and drink coffee and talk about dust. I wondered if my house was riddled with dust because I have a thing for fresh air so love having doors and windows open.

I then decided to do a little research. Truth be told I didn’t actually want to do the research myself, I mean, who has time to study dust?

My aim was to find out actually what makes up those white particles that often float around the room like snow. What? This doesn’t happen in your bathroom?

And don’t even get me started on PHOTO FRAMES.

dust and recycling

What I found out – thanks to a study dissected ABC Science, is quite horrific.

Household dust is full of living organisms that are determined, in large part, by where the home is located and who is living in it.

I hope you’re sitting down, because this is what I read:

Gross Facts About Dust

  • Homes with a greater ratio of male occupants, for example, were found to contain large amounts of skin and faecal-associated bacteria (I have 3 males in my household – barf)
  • Women-dominated households contained an abundance of vaginally-shed bacteria that somehow wound up in dust.
  • The study’s senior author Noah Fierer says there are “millions of bacteria and fungi living inside our homes.”
  • Dogs and cats had such a dramatic effect on dust bacterial communities that the researchers could predict, with around 92 per cent accuracy, whether or not such animals were in the home, just based on bacteria alone.

Something else I read, but I couldn’t find any scientific evidence to back this up is that:

The percentage of the dust in your home that is actually dead skin cells is approximately 75 to 90 percent.

You’d think finding out such information would spur me into some sort of cleaning frenzy. But no.

Maybe it might spur YOU to buy a whizz bang electrostatic long-handled brush off the infomercials and get dusting.

All I know is that I wish they would invite a device like the robo vacuum that flies through the house sucking up dust. Because nothing says Emily is a lazy cow like layers upon layers of dust. (that’s how Sara Lee makes her pasty)

I’d love to know the dust situation at your place? Do people who live in cities have less or more dust? What about those in apartments?

Should I just have less fresh air in my life?

And as for the recycling issue, does it make you cranky also?

So tell me, how do you deal with dust?

Got any other gross dust facts to share with me?


  1. My son has a severe and medically proven allergy to dust MITES. Not as gross as faecal and vaginal bacteria lying around the house, but still, annoying as heck. I’d like to be all over the dust thing, but in reality my dusting notifications are my son’s 5am sneezing fits and morning eye swelling. When this happens, I know I’ve missed the boat again and need to get that damn vacuum out.

  2. What and how does a vajajay produce dust? I really need to know so I can stop doing it. God Almighty we’re scrubbing the house tomorrow and nothing will be worn but hazard suits from now on. Holy shite!

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