The Look That Every Parent Dreads

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Sometimes being an over-sharer can really endear you to people. Other times it can make them wince and wish they’d never met you.

At a park playdate last week I was talking to the parent of my child’s friend about how being exposed to germs can actually help to improve a kid’s health in the future.

We started talking about this because her 2-year-old was picking up popcorn off the ground and smashing it back, as most free-range kids do.

She attempted to stop her; maybe she felt embarrassed, or felt she should be embarrassed, at the way her offspring was eating food that was probably atop of bird-poop and cat-wee laden concrete.

To which I said: ‘Meh don’t worry, you won’t believe what two of my children did a few years ago’. Me and my big mouth.

It was too late to go back, I had to regale her with a shocking account from some four or so years ago when I was doing group PT in the playground/park. Yes I know, the fact I was exercising is shock enough.

Let me just remind you I had NEVER met this fellow mother-of-three before and after what I told her I doubt she’ll put me in her phone’s ‘Favourites’ list anytime soon.

I had packed snacks, water and wipes and left them to it. Unfortunately, instead of using the playground equipment, two of my three children we fossicking around in plants and flax-type bushes.

embarrassing story boys eating gum

Meanwhile, I was struggling miserably at planks/punching and all that other torturous stuff.

As I was attempting to do my 4th star jump, no mean feat after you’ve had babies, I noticed my small children huddling together, chewing something.

My suspicions were further aroused when I saw a cheeky glint in one child’s eye they glanced furtively at each other. You know the look I’m talking about right?

It’s the face they have when they’ve been caught drawing a picture on their wall in permanent marker or busted looking up something dubious on the internet.

I ran over and within a few seconds ascertained what they were doing. I nearly died on the spot, and not just because I had just sprinted a short distance.

Picture this, two cute little children munching on chewing gum THAT HAD ALREADY BEEN CHEWED AND CHUCKED IN THE BUSHES BY SOME RANDOM FERAL!


You’re suitably mortified, I can sense it. I don’t blame you.

There are few things as horrific as watching your cherubs chow down on cold sticky ABC chewing gum that has actually been in someone else’s mouth. Shudder.

You can imagine my feelings of shame and disgust. It’s all I could do not to rinse their mouths out with methylated spirits.

But alas, I regained some composure, muttered a half-baked excuse to the group and fled the scene like a wayward teen who’d been caught writing ‘I was hair but now I’m dandruff’ on the toilet wall.

Fast forward a few years and I now wonder if my rather lazy attitude towards germs and dirt has made my children healthier. Maybe it’s even helped to build their immune systems?

Because it’s certainly not through their amazing diet they are healthy kids. Every day I get cranky about their fussiness and rack my brain for foolproof lunch box ideas.

I can’t wait until they are big enough to make their own lunches, I certainly won’t be mollycoddling them forever (if even).

Heaven forbid they ignore all my pleas not to eat food with fake colours and flavours and become addicted to the dreaded red cordial or those horrific energy drinks!

Anyway, I stand by my convictions in regards the benefits of allowing (healthy) children to be exposed to a few germs. Or ABC gum at the very least.

But you know that tomorrow all three of my kids are going to get sick because I just labelled them healthy, watch this space.

Oh, and how did my playdate end? Crickets and tumbleweeds my friends, crickets and tumbleweeds.

Do your kids make their own lunches?

What is the most embarrassing thing your child has ever put in their mouth?

How do you keep your children healthy?


  1. If you had told me that story, I would have laughed and declared you an actual fellow human being! Parents who are perfect robots without senses of humour do my head in haha.
    My child once ALMOST ate a dead fly and ALMOST ate some dog food. I must have been helicoptering so good back then 😂
    I wonder if my second child will be so lucky! (probably not haha)

  2. Hmmm anything foolproof suits me! Some great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Haha! We were out camping with friends and their son didn’t this! It was gum he found stuck under a picnic table. Oh how we all laughed (after she scolded him of course, and explained why he was wrong)

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