Let the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games begin! (tomorrow)

So tomorrow is the start of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games – did you know? Or care?

I’ve been helping to build up hype with a few articles here and there – the city really is throwing everything it has at this event.

Lots of locals have left town in anticipation of the epic crowds we’re expecting to get. We’re also in the first week of the school holidays. Such fun.

While I missed the Queen’s baton relay yesterday (my bad) we’ve got tickets to the netball (when NZ is playing), gymnastics and the rugby seven’s finals!

I’m also going to take kids into town to experience the hype and atmosphere. My daughter and I have already met some athletes, a spunky young swimmer from Northern Ireland.

Chances are fairly slim that we’ll run into Prince Charles but stranger things have happened right? He might just happen to be slumming it on the tram at the exact same time we use it to get around.

To be honest I wouldn’t know an athlete from an official, well, except most of them are super buff with racks to die for. Well except the lawn bowlers…

commonwealth games gold coast 2018

I wasn’t around for the Sydney Olympics, but I’m sure that was quite the party.

For those mad about sport I’m sure this is a super exciting time, maybe you know someone who is involved in the Commonwealth Games? I’d love to know.

Or maybe you’ve got a claim to fame about another massive sporting event? Yes basically this post is just a way for me to get you to spill any tidbits you have on the event.

Wait, let me start, I have something interesting to share with you….

Fun Fact: There will be 100,00 condoms available during the games.

This is about 16 of them per person due to stay in the village. #overkill

Now it’s your turn! Maybe you know someone who knows someone who is doing something?

Or are you not bothered at all. Maybe all the cricket drama has turned you off sport for good, I wouldn’t blame you.


  1. I hear you on getting involved even if you dont know who someone is. I was around for Sydney 2000 and will never forget the experience. I was principal of a school then and a local had been a torch bearer and she was able to bring it to school for us to hold it. I was a crazy badge collector and even queued up for new badges. I got tickets for me and hub to see the Athletics and we saw all the names of the time in their heats. Hard to describe being there! My Mum was a great hockey player in her day so my bro got tickets and took Mum to the hockey. My eldest granddaughter was 4 and she ‘got it’ and along with her Dad we went to the Paralympics. What was good about the whole thing was how well Sydney came together to make it happen. Schools got an extra week off to assist with transport as everyone went to the games on bus or by train or even rivercat. Magical times!! Enjoy “your local” one too. Denyse

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