I have to get this off my chest or I’ll explode

I flipped my lid at breakfast this morning as I ferreted through the pantry and fridge looking for school lunch food that wouldn’t make a return trip.

EVERY DAY my trio come home with uneaten grapes, broccoli, yoghurt and all manner of slightly healthy foods I am determined to make them eat.

Don’t be thinking I’m one of those perfect mums who doesn’t give her kids junk/sugar. I just don’t want to give it to them at school because I want to be able to give it to them AT HOME in order to extract good behaviour out of them.

Mother of the year!

These are the excuses I usually get:

  1. I was too busy
  2. We didn’t get enough time
  3. I was full
  4. I didn’t see it in there
  5. You didn’t pack me a spoon (me – well drink your bloody yoghurt!)

What they really mean is:

  1. I didn’t want to eat anything healthy.
  2. The food you pack is so crap everyone feels sorry for me and gives me their Milo bars, chocolate biscuits and chips.
  3. I was starving, but not hungry enough to eat the carrot you peeled and cut up for me.
  4. I saw it in there and thought nup, not eating that.
  5. I stole money from the car and got myself something from the tuckshop

After my rant about starving children in Africa I walked to my bedroom and had a Tourette’s moment to myself about my fussy kids and how I can’t wait until they leave home.

Sure it seems a tad dramatic to get this upset over uneaten food, but the struggle is real. And before you suggest I get them to make their own lunch, I’ve tried that.

It seems they hate the lunch they make for themselves as much as the one I make for them. Funny that.

I have to say we are making progress at dinners. This is because I have put my big size 11 foot down and REFUSE to eat bland food night after night.

Curries have been added to our repertoire and such is the evil shit eye I don at dinner no one dear complain. It is mildly amusing watching them trying to find bits of rice that have no sauce on them.

fridge fussy kids

Can I also add that it’s not true what ‘they’ say, some kids don’t get less fussy as they age. And the problem with bigger kids is the power struggle gets harder. You can’t bribe a tween with a trip to the playground or Peppa Pig.

Anyone with a tween/teen knows the defiant look they give you, it looks incredibly similar to the one you used to give your mum some 30 years ago.

But it’s not all bad, I do have one child who isn’t that fussy. And I do what ‘they’ say you’re not supposed to do with your kids and COMPARE THEM!

Yup, I break all the rules and tell my other two to aspire to be like their sibling and not be so fussy.

Mind you, I also use the comparison game in regards to tidying their room, putting their shoes in the basket, putting their towel on the rack after their shower and not talking back to me.

And so far it has made a lick of difference.

Maybe ‘they’ have a point. There’s no point in shaming one kid to get another to do it better, because it doesn’t work. But not for the reason ‘they’ think.

It’s because whenever I open my mouth to my children all they hear is “blah blah blah, sick of it blah blah blah every day blah blah blah why do I bother blah blah blah some kids have rice for breakfast lunch and dinner”.

I can’t wait to see what comes home in today’s lunch boxes. Or maybe if they’re really cunning they’ll just chuck what they don’t eat before they get home and lie to my face.

Honestly, I can’t say what would upset me more. Maybe sometimes what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you!

What always makes a return trip in your kid’s lunchbox?

What is something ‘they’ say you shouldn’t do, but you do anyway?


  1. I’m not sure if this will make you feel better or worse, but I have two kids who eat pretty much anything. Except their lunch. Yesterday my son brought home his lunch uneaten because he had been “too busy” to eat it at actual lunch time and then had forgotten about it and bought a kebab on the way home because he was hungry… hmmm… at least now he is old enough to look ashamed when he does it and apologise for wasting food, and – while I continue my death stare – beg for forgiveness for wasting my time making him lunch.

  2. Carrot sticks. Apparently you can only eat carrot at dinner time (wtf? since when?). And, for one child, homemade muffins that had the balls to touch the pineapple, which left a dew on the muffin that can’t possibly be orally consumed due to its not sticky nature.

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