Isn’t It ironic – Don’t You Think

Back in 2012 I would have been ridiculously excited at the offers I currently get to work with brands and affiliates.

Except they didn’t come every week back then like they do now. Which is ironic as I hardly blog anymore and only have 3 readers, hi mum.

It’s not a lack of time or want. I think it’s partly due to the fact that sometimes I just hate the name of my blog.

I bet those 18 people who typed in the word  ‘sideboob’ and landed on my blog were severely disappointed because a. they did not see sideboob and b. they most certainly did NOT have a laugh on me.

Isn’t It ironic – Don’t You Think

But I’m not changing it because c. I have no effing idea how and d. I can’t be bothered.

However, the emails I keep getting (yes some are cringe-worthy) are actually topics/products/services I think are quite good.

Maybe my SEO is doing okay, not sure why because I don’t have a clue what I’m doing in that department.

And I also have no one iota about how to go about affiliates – shame that – I could probably be earning a nice passive income. Or not.

Did I mention back in October my blog turned FIVE – well yes I didn’t make much fanfare of that because, well, does anyone actually care how long someone has been blogging for?

Some of the best writers have only been doing it for weeks. Or not.

Oh well, there’s many ironies in life such as…

1. A traffic jam, when you’re already late (sorry, I couldn’t resist – I’ll be serious now)

2. It rains when you have taken all 3 umbrellas out of the car.

3. You work hard all morning so you can be lazy in the afternoon and watch Miranda Hart and then hubby comes home early and you can’t bring yourself to do it because you know deep down he thinks people who work at home fart about a lot. Which actually isn’t the case. #sorepointmuch #okaysometimeswefartaround

4. When you’re pregnant no one says you are, but when you’re DEFINITELY NOT PREGNANT and you’re out during your 40th and some toss nut says he and his mates are stonewalling you because they think it’s irresponsible that you’re drinking (drunk) because – wait for it – YOU’RE PREGNANT. #notevenkidding.

5. You never admit to being fat except when someone thinks YOU’RE PREGNANT and you yell across the room, I’M NOT PREGNANT, I’M JUST FAT. #stillnotkidding

6. That you used to be offended by what other people said but now you’re 40 you just laugh it off. It was quite funny. And it just proves how wonderful those wonder knickers actually are. Except if you take them off before you go out on the town for your birthday.

Fabulous at 40 with a double chin and maybe a slightly pregnant belly but REALLY?

Fabulous at 40 with a double chin and maybe a slightly pregnant belly but REALLY?

Fabulous at 40 with a double chin and maybe a slightly pregnant belly but REALLY?

My friend who also scrubs up SUPER well – Amanda from Cooker and a Looker!

Well, this post was never meant to be about someone calling me pregnant, but somehow it just slipped out. See what I did there?

And please, don’t feel bad for me. I actually think it’s funny. What’s not funny is birthday bloating.

Oh and another take home, teach your sons to NEVER ask someone if they’re in the family way unless they can actually see a baby’s head crowning #ringoffire

What is something ironic that has happened to you recently?

Someone ever call you pregnant when you weren’t – how did it go down – please share?


  1. I took 3 umbrellas out of the car and the next morning nearly drowned in torrential rain. Of course I thought it was three but there was still one hiding under the seat, too late, I had drowned anyway. No one has dared suggest I am pregnant, I would seriously lose my nut and have to kill them. I love hearing how old blogs are, gives me hope x

  2. Victoria Neilson says

    Standing at a funeral of a family member and I was holding my coat shut and a cousin who lives overseas asked me when I was due….I am terminally single and have a cat……..

    Or that time a little urchin that belongs to another cousin pointed at my stomach and asked loudly if I had a baby in there…..I was obviously still single and sans a cat ????

    Or the time I was a bridesmaid and an empire waistline jersey knit strapless extravaganza was thrust upon me by the tall boobless goddess bride, I saw the photo and asked myself if I was pregnant before reassuring myself I was still single and saving for a cat.

    • I’m not laughing I promise Vix – but I hear you re: those boobless women, they live such different lives don’t they? And my kids still ask if there’s a baby in mine, cheeky monkeys. I have never had a flat stomach and I never will, it’s ma thing. xxxx

  3. I hope that silly bloke’s comments aren’t your lasting memory of a really fun night!
    Our irony is being farmers for twelve years, crying for water for every summer….. except the last one when we decided to put in a pool! 😉

    A x

    • No I didn’t let it ruin my fabulous 40th bonanza, 10 years ago it would have, 5 even, but not know. I can defo see the funny side.
      Hope you’re getting all this lovely rain right now x

  4. My neighbour asked me a few years back if I was pg … I said nope just fat … what else could I say I couldn’t pretend I was because if I looked far enough along to be showing then what would i say when no baby arrived.

    PS You look stunning and not at all pg Happy 40th!!!

  5. Oh, I got one better. With a nearly 1 year old I got the “when are you having another one, I would think you’ll have one soon.” My reply was “yeah, I know, I’m no spring chicken anymore.”
    I don’t think you look pregnant. Nice dress, by the way.
    #3 big time … feel guilty for doing not much even if I have been busy the rest of the day.
    Sounds like you had a fantastic 40th and hopefully 40 treats you fabulously.

  6. Haven’t popped in here in ages! Glad to see you’re still blogging occasionally, and a very happy 40th. You definitely don’t look pregnant, some people just need glasses. Or a punch in the nose. Either would do.

  7. This post made me cackle hysterically so you have named your blog well!


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