When Mrs Woog Tells You Write, You Write!

I haven’t written a personal post in ages, but when blogging legend Mrs Woog tells you to ‘ramp it up again’ well, you do just that!

Woog comment

And I’m starting with a bit of a tirade………….

So I’ve never been into reality TV shows, my loathing for them is excessive. However, I am married to someone who loves the drama and scandal of them. Whatever, who am I to judge.

But I am going to say this to mundane Mundine and his sexist comments about women and men having set roles in society…

“Gender roles have no place in modern society, much like the ‘rolls’ I’ve acquired from overindulging in food from the Kid Fattening Centre (make the acronym) – they should be banished!

“We, like most households, share the roles in our family. Which means yes my husband cooks dinner, hangs out the washing and when I nag him to, he cleans the shower.

“And at times I change light bulbs (perish the thought) and mow the lawns. I let my sons buy shoes that are considered feminine and I paint their fingernails when they ask me to.

“Sure your disgusting comments might be because you have diminished mental capacity, (the American Association of Neurological Surgeons say 90 percent of boxers suffer some kind of brain injury while boxing) but how about you do us all a favour and keep those sorts of comments to yourself.

– Yours bobbing and weaving, Mrs HALOM

boys in girls shoes

And yes I KNOW the point of reality TV shows is to purposely put people known to speak their minds together so they say inflammatory comments and ratings go high… blah blah blah.

I get it. Yawn.

But surely TV executives should have more of a social conscience? Those who only care about advertising dollars aren’t helping the inequality and sexist behaviour women cop on a daily basis.

Shame on them. And yes I know they have achieved their goal because I am now talking about their show. Dammit.

I explained to my daughter what this mundane character said and she was rightfully disgusted. One step forward, two steps back. Sigh.

Ciao for now.

What do you love/loathe about reality TV shows?

Care to play online scrabble with me via our phones?

What about that mundane man, got an opinion?


  1. I don’t like that reality shows allow dicks like Mundane to voice their opinions. Ok yes I get it, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but when it is so outdated and said in such a derogatory way, I find it infuriating that it is allowed on national tv where it has the opportunity to influence so many young impressionable minds. Sorry, rant over.

  2. Yay, I’m glad you listened to Mrs Woog!!!

    I’m not into the reality show you speak of! I cannot see the entertainment value of people having to eat totally grose gag worthy offerings (I might have been channel hopping and quickly hopped on by when I saw this thing I can now not un-see 🤢).

    And that fellow? Did t get me started 🤨

    Love ya work Em!

  3. Yeah, nah these show are not going to change my life so why waste the time. God I sound like an adult.

  4. My high horse has meant I listened to him in that jungle for approximately 1.5 minutes, promptly changed channels, and have proudly refused to watch one more millisecond of the show. Definitely their loss, not mine!

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