Do child actually eat sandwiches at school anymore?

Our Christmas tree came down yesterday. I know right, I’m at least one month ahead of schedule.

I’m also stocked up on 24 pairs of white socks, 35 annoying reusable BPA-free containers and enough pencils, highlighters and glue sticks to sink an inflatable boat.

You might think it’s a bit early to start back-to-school chores, but here in Queensland our chidlers don their backpacks on January 22, less than two weeks away.

What the?

We’ve had 6 ‘glorious’ weeks together that has included 10 days of camping and about 25 evening swims in lieu of a bath or shower. Man I love summer.

But alas the time has to come to sew buttons back on school shirts, or ask my mum to do it, and make sure I’ve filled THREE exhaustive book lists. All with overpriced tissues and printer paper of which I don’t buy and instead get from the supermarket for half the price.

This year I have a Year 1, 3 and 5 – the latter two will be doing Naplan this year, groan. This means next year is my eldest’s last year before high school. Hold me.

I can’t say I’m excited that the holidays are nearing an end.

Actually that’s a boldface lie, at regular intervals throughout the day I am ecstatic that I shall soon have NO FIGHTING and zero wet towels on the carpet.

Like many of you I have achieved absolutely ZERO goals these summer holidays. In particular the fanciful one I had about being fabulously fit at 40 come Feb 15.

But all is not lost, I’m a bit of a last-minute Larry and if there’s something I love it’s a bit of a challenge. And I am certainly that, just ask my long-suffering husband.

However, first things first, getting our beloved trio ready for another year of learning.

Last year I was *sent some cool back-to-school merchandise from Warner Brothers Consumer Products – I’m a sucker for a superhero.

This included backpacks, pencils, drink bottles and other DC Comics themed gear to get kids pumped about returning to learning.

back to school bags DC Comics

Make back-to-school fun with these superhero essentials:

1. Batman Stationary Essentials from Aldi

These are priced from $2 each and super cool for kiddies who are mad about Batman. Don’t forget to label them, well unless your child is starting their first year because they pool all the stuff anyway. Sigh.

back to school DC Comics pencils batman

Batman drink bottle and pencils back to school

2. Justice League lunch box – approved by our cat Moby 

If you have kids like mine that spill uneaten food throughout their lunch boxes every year, then like me you’ll be up for a new one.

We use reusable plastic containers in an insulated lunchbox like this one below. It’s available from EB Games and specialty retailers for $14.95.

DC comics lunch box back to school

3. Batman lunchbox, hard case – from Aldi

Easy for little hands to open and because it’s made from hard plastic there’s no chance of sandwiches getting squashed! (does anyone’s child actually eat sandwiches anymore?)

batman lunch box back to school

4. DC Comics and Harry Potter backpacks – available from Zing 

Big enough for those school homework folders and with pockets on the outside so drink bottles don’t leak (yeah right) these backpacks are from $38.

Harry Potter backpacks back to school

The range of DC Comics and Harry Potter back-to-school gear is good quality stuff, and well priced, in my opinion.

Now to worry about shoes, drink bottles, sunscreen and covering books. I don’t do contact. I use those reusable covers that you can order online or buy at ridiculously high prices at the newsagent.

But the beauty of them is that they can be used again year after year.

Well I must away, it’s nearly dinner, bath (swim) and bedtime and I’m sure I can hear someone screaming ‘Muuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm it’s not fair, he just used the ball I got for Christmas’.

Enjoy the last few weeks of holidays and may they be fight free and full of fun.

You ready for back-to-school?

What’s been the best part of your holidays?

How about that fighting?

Do you contact or cover or neither?

*This is not a sponsored post, I was gifted products to review and all opinions and bad jokes are my own, not those of Warner Brothers Consumer Products. #WBgifted


  1. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. FOR. SCHOOL. TO. BE. BACK!!! Teenagers and holidays means driving until all hours of the night, without a thought for dear old Mum!! Bonus though is that they sleep until midday, so enough peace to get my work done. I’m all for whatever makes the kids happy to go back to school, win win I say!

  2. I used to contact, school said it was MANDATORY. Well I attempted to contact then cracked it after 3 years and not a word was said. Contacting is hell on earth!

  3. Crazy that schools go back at hottest time of the year but then again.. parents have had enough, right? Teachers start the “oh I cant sleep” routines from now thinking about the year ahead, the kids, the pressures… and I kind of miss it since retiring but not enough to go back.. to achool!

  4. Oh my gosh – my kid goes back on the 31st and I have never been less ready in my life…turns out my baby is possibly due RIGHT THEN. HOLY SHIT. HOLD ME.

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