I Don’t Know Where To Start…

Anyone else have so many things to do they don’t know where to start? So instead of starting I’m sitting at the computer and hope it will help me gather my thoughts.

Before that I was walking from room-to-room aimlessly, not quite sure which task to attack first.

Should I clear the house of unwelcome dust bunnies that seem to mate like crazy. Or maybe I should declutter the cluttered table (see below), do the washing, write a list of things we’ll need for camping or work.

Each year I try to plan an early birthday surprise for my son, who turns 8 on Sunday. This year I thought I didn’t need to. So this Sunday I’m throwing him a small gathering. Oops bad move.

Because now I have that to sort out and haven’t done a pickle. Oh and then there’s the little thing of CHRISTMAS 7 days later.

Not that we’re having a big family get-together, but it’s almost because of this that I want to go a little crazy for our three cherubs.

My parents made Xmas super memorable for me and I want to make sure I do so for our babies. I do love Christmas.

And everywhere I look I see other people with their shiz together and I just want to shake myself and do ALL THE THINGS.

Life must be so much less stressful for those among us who are organised and disciplined. Are you one of these admirable people? Have you got gifts wrapped?

Maybe you’ve done the Xmas food list sorted and now just need to buy cream and seafood the day before. I don’t hate you if you have, I’m just a tad envious.

Okay, so I need to get off this computer, hang washing, do some work, figure out if I’ve given the same amount of presents to each child. You know kids at this age compare with their siblings.

And the state of my house, GAH, I swear I’m never going to open my windows or doors again, because DUST!

I do have Xmas party tonight for a company I work for but have never actually met anyone in person. So I’ll rock up to that, say hello to five people and then take a fake phone call and drive home.

But it’s the closest thing I’ll get to a work Xmas do. Although I am tempted to throw myself one and get drunk, thank myself for another hard year’s work and then say something inappropriate.

However, that would just be weird. And VERY sad. Hubby has his work Christmas party tomorrow so he’ll party hard enough for both of us.

Alright, enough wasting time, I’m going to leap out of this chair and get cracking before the entire (child-free) day is wasted.

How is the Xmas prep going at your house?

Had a fun Xmas party? How was it?


  1. Your coffee table resembles mine And the dining table…

    Hope your night out went well! 🙂

  2. I’m currently packing up our house to move! I leave on Monday and the hubby follows a week later. Just had dreaded garage sale today. Christmas? Yeah I should think about that at some stage. The kids would appreciate a gift in sure 😉

  3. Bahaha I wondered if I was the only one who counted presents to make it fair lol. I am usually super organised, but this past Christmas I was a last minute kinda girl and I survived so from now on I’ll be putting much less pressure on myself. I hope you had a fabulous Christmas hun and here’s to a mind blowingly amazing 2018 xx

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