It Could Have Been So Much Worse…..

I always get teary this time of year, not sure whether it’s just exhaustion from another hectic year or that I’m just a big cry baby.

Probably the latter, but I’m okay with that. Today I cried over my daughter’s AMAZING school report, where her effort was excellent in every subject and her grades super high.

She’s had a tough few years with teachers but this year a special woman (very similar to me in temperament I suspect) has helped her smash her goals.

So when she gets home from school I can’t wait to tell her that all her hard work and perseverance has paid off. Oh there’ll be more tears from us then I bet.

I’m also a bit weepy because of the resilience my 6yo has shown since falling nearly 2-metres and breaking his arm.

I saw him fall and my heart was in my mouth because it was an awkward fall. Thankfully he landed on his arm not his neck or head, for this I am extremely grateful.

They didn’t have to put him under to manipulate his bone back into place, he had pain relief, some stuff up his nose, some laughing gas and his slightly overweight mum’s hand to grab.

broken arm

Oh my, what a way to end our week in NZ visiting family. At least it was after his luge ride, hot lap in a Porsche, ride in a 20-tonne digger and swim at an indoor waterpark with slides.

For this I am, again, extremely grateful. Now I’m working on finding a waterproof cover for his cast so his summer school holidays, that start on Friday, aren’t a complete write-off.

One perk was being able to sit in the cockpit, thanks to our trusty My First Logbook that captured the first officer’s attention. He told the crew he would sign the cast at the end of the flight!

You can just imagine what a thrill it was for our son. The other two got in on the act too and were able to sit at the super pointy end of the plane for a few minutes.

broken arm pilot virgin my first logbook

Another reason I’m grateful is for the continued good health of my nearly 8yo (born a week before Xmas with a kidney problem). This afternoon we’ll spend another few hours waiting to see our surgeon.

We’ve been going for eight years, and I always bring the receptionist Gwenda some chocolates to say thanks. Each time we see her she’s smiling, despite having to deal with frazzled parents who have gravely ill or sick babies/children.

Fingers crossed we get the all clear for another year.

Then it’s an evening of cooking three batches of cupcakes for party day at school tomorrow. Thank goodness for packet cake mixes!

I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of the year, school is pretty much done and dusted………. WHAT THE?


Has it flown for you too?

Got any advice for a child with a broken bone?

What’s making you teary right now?


  1. Aww I love your amazingly positive attitude. Poor kid – a broken arm at the BEGINNING of the holidays has to suck! I am sure you will all make the best of it.
    I got very teary yesterday because it was my son’s last day of school for the year. His teaching staff have been absolutely amazing and attentive all year. I was hugged without hesitation when we announced our IVF pregnancy, we were communicated with in a way that was just so helpful and constructive, I watched my son (just turned 6) blossom. He hadn’t been ready for school last year (in WA they HAVE to go to 4 year old’s kindy as part of mainstream schooling), but this year was a whole different scenario. It’s been a big year and they were all a part of the bigger picture of giving our son the stability and support and love he’s needed. I never thought I’d be so sentimental (I mainly thought I’d just be thrilled to not have to do school runs or lunches for a while haha). I hope we can be as lucky next year.

    • I’m am super happy to hear he has had such a great year, and that you’ve been supported throughout your journey, what a gift.
      My daughter started at 4, I wasn’t happy, but it’s the way it happens here too in Queensland. Boo.
      But she’s 5 years in and doing well, and with a mum like you I have no doubts this will be the same for your lovely young man in years to come. xxx

  2. I blinked sometime in August and the year is nearly over!
    My son broke his leg clean in half(just the bone) when he was five, so sad when they are broken like that. They are resilient little buggers though.
    All my tears this week are because not getting enough sleep and hormonal before that time of the month. Big hugs mumma, you’re doing an amazing job xx

  3. I’m a big cry baby at the best of times, but when my I take the time to look and see how much I have to be grateful for, I cry some more. Big hugs for you xx

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