My First Logbook is THE best gift for kids who fly (or have it all)

If you’re scratching your head for a gift idea for a child/baby that isn’t a soft toy – then why not get them ‘My First Logbook’.

This is a nifty pocket-sized logbook that you can give to the crew when you board a plane and they’ll pass it on to the captain in the cockpit.

When s/he gets the chance they will write a little note to the little traveller and MAKE THEIR DAY!

Now I’m slightly biased about how great these books are, and not just because I was gifted three, but because Allison Langton is a KIWI living in Christchurch. (who also happens to be my sister’s friend).

She came up with the idea when on maternity leave and was excited about making travel more exciting for kids. She’s also married to a pilot.

My First Logbook is THE best gift for kids who fly a lot

My first question was whether the captain would actually want to leave a little message because you know – THEY ARE FLYING A PLANE!

But my niece has one of Allie’s logbooks and has flown 10 times in the past eight months. And EACH AND EVERY time, the pilot has written her a little note. Now isn’t that just the best keepsake ever for a child?

Allie says: “Many parents don’t realise that most airlines are delighted to offer children a personalised record of the flight. It’s very easy and best of all, it’s free!”

My First Logbook is a great gift for:

  1. Your niece or nephew who has it all.
  2. Your own children, especially if you travel a lot.
  3. As a grandparent, it’s a great gift to send overseas (free postage across the globe on standard international mail)
  4. People living overseas because it’s not bulky and is super thoughtful.

Now Allie has also written an e-book to help flying with a baby or toddler a less daunting prospect for parents. The FREE e-book is called Happy Skies: The Travelling Parent’s Guide to Flying with Children.

It’s packed with proven tools and tips to help more families take to the skies. Something she’s been doing since the 1970s! Download it for free here.

“If you haven’t flown with a baby before, the idea can quickly conjure up images of meltdowns and dirty looks, so I wrote Happy Skies and made it available as a free download to equip parents with the confidence to give it a go,” says Allie.

It comes in 4 stunning colours and FREE postage

My First Logbooks come sky blue, rose pink, cloud grey and duck egg blue. They cost $22.95 and are shipped anywhere in the world for FREE, via standard international post!

You might also like to know that the logbooks are printed on FSC certified paper and bound by local Christchurch bookbinders, McHargs.

The website design has been provided by Meltec Design (aka Allie’s father-in-law, Graham Langton) who is based in Rangiora.

Proudly New Zealand made, every myflightlogbook purchase helps support the livelihood of local people and businesses.

Get your hot little hands on one by clicking here.

My First Logbook is THE best gift for kids who fly a lot

Don’t you wish you’d thought of this idea yourself?

Know anyone that could use them?

Maybe you could get one and pretend it was for your child and use it for you!


  1. I LOVE this idea so much! Going to forward your post onto a family member (who happens to live in Christchurch) It would be perfect for her little girl x

  2. Wow, that is such a cool idea! Although if I did get the girls one then I’d be obliged to actually take them on a plane! Lol! It doesn’t come with free flights too, does it 😉

  3. Super cute idea! On of my favourite Vloggers gets his picture taken with the pilot on every flight he takes. I mean, the guy is in his thirties, that is obliging! Haha.

  4. Oh, this is so cute! Ok to start now even though travelled heaps already? Great baby present – thanks for the heads up on 😉 #teamIBOT


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