In Honour Of My Dad Who Turns 70 Today!

Today my incredible dad turns 70, and because I can’t be with him (he’s overseas with mum) I thought I’d write a special post in his honour.

My dad is someone who has devoted his ENTIRE life to making other people happy. He’s worked hard to raise three daughters, give them the best education possible and also gift them wings to fly.

When we were little dad used to read to us almost every night, except when he was late in from the farm, and I remember he always smelled so nice and clean.

Often he’d be playing his guitar and we’d gather around him and sing and dance, those were some fabulous times. Music makes my dad’s soul sing.

It’s hard work being a sheep and cattle farmer when you have a kind heart because there is often so much death, drought and disaster to deal with.

But because dad NEVER gives up and has always had a forward-thinking mind, he succeeded when others didn’t.

When we were of age we were taught to drive and then given freedom. Dad always encouraged independence and strength of character.

He never interfered in our decisions or relationships but was always there for advice.

At my wedding, I grabbed his arm tightly as he walked me down the aisle and I was blown away by his speech. My dad has an incredible way with words, a truth wordsmith.

As someone who turns 40 next year, I feel so privileged to have a great relationship with my dad. He’s my biggest supporter and whenever I’m thrown an obstacle he always has some wise words of wisdom.

We’re very similar is many ways my dad and I, both deep thinkers and we crave information and love to challenge things that others simply take for granted.

Dad has an incredible amount of patience, an endless love for his family and gentle laugh that warms my soul.

He’s overcome some fairly serious health issues and never takes anything or anyone for granted.


He’s also does an incredible Gangnam Style dance, as captured by my daughter in a video!

At 4.30pm today he and mum are renewing their vows at a little ocean-side hut in Fiji to celebrate 46 years of marriage and nearly 50 years together.

Can you imagine being with someone for that long?

Sadly we can’t be there with them, but this weekend our entire family will be together to throw dad a party, complete with grandies who ADORE their granddad.

Every day is a gift, and every year with dad is more special because as we age we appreciate each other more and our bond strengthens.

Dad, I couldn’t have picked a better father, you are the fairest person I know and love me just the way I am.

I’m truly grateful that my children have a lovely relationship with you, because you know how good it feels when you know your children are happy. And I know you make my children happy.

Happy 70th birthday dads – wishing you a wonderful year ahead and lots of chats and laughs with you in the coming year.

Love you forever. xx


  1. This is so beautiful and touching. What an amazing man your dad is. Happy 70th to him. And 46 years is incredible!
    My folks had their 50th anniversary last year and next turns 80! Can’t believe it. I’ve been so blessed to have him around for so long.
    Enjoy your celebrations xo

  2. Oh! Emily! This made my heart melt! Just beautiful. 😘 The Happiest of Birthdays to you Em’s Dad! 🎉

  3. What a lovely tribute to your dad! Happy birthday to him!

  4. Ahhhh what a perfect birthday gift. Beautiful x

  5. That is the most romantic thing I have ever heard of, how sweet to renew their vows. Dads are so very important, I to have a great relationship with my Dad that I am thankful for every day. Have a lovely celebration this weekend xx

  6. Wow – Happy Birthday Mr Toxward! Congrats on turning the big 7-0 and your 46 years of marriage to the gorgeous Mrs Toxward! You are a wonderful man with such a kind heart, who was always so welcoming of me when we were released from boarding school prison to have weekend leave. I hope you’ve had a wonderful time away in Fiji and enjoy your party this weekend with your amazing family. Love Cat xoxo
    P.S. Such a fabulous tribute Em – beautiful words. Love ya x

  7. Happy Birthday to your dad!
    Mine just turned 70 too! HUZZAH TO OUR AWESOME DAD’S!

    Love this post my lovely, your dad sounds like a fabulous guy, almost rivalling my dad and that is saying something 😉 xxx

  8. What beautiful words Em. I have goosebumps.

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