Surly School Kids Make Toddler Tantrums Look Like Dancing Unicorns!

Despite having a butt tonne of work I need to get done, I can’t seem to get started because of the super crappy start to my day.

I’m thinking if I get it off my chest then I’ll be able to start the boring job I have to do today, a job that I had to say yes to because I’m not rich. #yet

It all started after allowing my kids an extra 30 minutes of ‘nothing time’ before we had breakfast and got ready to leave for school and a specialist appointment.

Two of my three children did NOT play the game and fought everything I asked them to do. EVERY. SINGLE. THING.

If they weren’t ignoring me they were crying or faking tears because they couldn’t be arsed…

  1. Putting their pyjamas on their bed.
  2. Washing the Vegemite off their face
  3. Getting socks on.
  4. Shoving their feet in shoes without undoing the laces so I have to buy news ones prematurely.

To top it off, one cracked it about having to go to their fortnightly specialist appointment that is actually going to make their life easier in the long run.

It’s stupidly hard trying to do the right thing by your kids and this morning I just wanted to give up and be half-arsed with everything.

I wanted to fill their lunches with food with less than 3.5 stars (thanks government), that’s prepackaged and that I don’t have to chop and peel and cut. Part of me wanted to cancel the costly appointment and say bugger it.

Then I thought back to what I’ve already done in the past week, like hauling arse across random streets on Halloween and taking my daughter to her end-of-year dance rehearsal on the other side of the city.

On Monday I attended assembly to watch my son perform, but in order to do so I had to leave early from the school excursion to a historical museum (in my car) that I had volunteered to help out at for my other child.

Then it was driving one child to drama class straight after school and then quickly racing my other child to dance class as soon as it had finished.

We’ve also had a dentist’s visit, and I’ve visited the supermarket twice (one was during drama class to make good use of my ‘spare time’). And I don’t need to tell you about the washing, vacuuming and other pointless crap that I’ve done this week.

This is done all the while working full time for my tyrant of a boss (me).

Surly School Kids Make Toddler Tantrums Look Like Dancing Unicorns!

At an unwanted but necessary and expensive specialist appointment

So this morning when tired children collided with a tired mother I felt like throwing my hands up in the arm and screaming my head off.

I so desperately want to be a bad mum but I just don’t have it in me. I want to give my children one extra curriculum activity a week, keep them in good health and have a presence at school when possible.

I’m also determined to keep working but it makes me feel like I’m valued.

This being the case you are right when you say that I have no one to blame but myself. No one is making me live such a crazy-busy life. Well except me.

And that my friends is the curse of being me. And it won’t change.

Funny, as I saw something in my news feed this morning about toddler tantrums and I snorted while drinking my third cup of coffee.

THEY ARE A WALK IN THE PARK compared to having school-aged children. Give me a screaming 3-year-old any day. In fact give me three. Oh wait a minute, I’ve already been through that.

And yes while I was in the thick of it there was no way I would have believed that older kids were HARDER to deal with than stubborn toddlers.

Heck I’m only on the cusp of having a tween and already I want to go back to that woman with toddlers (me) and tell her to enjoy every second because…

Surly school kids make toddler tantrums look like dancing unicorns leaping over rainbows and marshmallow clouds.

In fact I think toddler tantrums are amazing because they give you an insight to the chaos that will be your life once you kids can speak coherently, wipe their own bum and have a proper mind of their own.

Let’s not forget having children that have the ability to pack an attitude that makes Gordon Ramsey’s rant in a feral kitchen seem placid.

Is there a solution? Yes, to do less stuff with my kids, hire a nanny or stop working.

None of these are feasible solutions for us right now so I’m going to have to get back to basics and that’s by venting my spleen on this blog.

Sure it’s not uplifting content, and I don’t want to completely bag on my kids, but sometimes you just have to get it all out!

I feel a little bit brighter already, almost enough to reply to 20 emails, write invoices and pen an article about the building industry #groan.

Tell me, how did your day start today?

Battling a toddler or a tween?

Tell me all the things?

*if you spot any typos or grammatical errors I don’t care today and because I’m not being paid to write this I don’t have to care. #badjourno


  1. Loved it! Can relate 🙂 Hope your day got better!

  2. I had a teenager phone from boarding school this morning complaining about their smoko – the carrot sticks had been soaking in water for too long. Seriously? There is no end to it let me tell you! X

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