On Wearing Spiffy DC Comics Characters This Halloween

My blog started out as a light-hearted place where you could have a laugh at my expense, and today I’m going to deliver.

Well maybe you’ll cringe rather than laugh. But nonetheless I am sharing a photo of myself that the kids LOVE and I, well, let’s just say that I am not overly in love with.

This Halloween, thanks to *Warner Brothers Consumer Products, we were decked out in some very spiffy DC Comic outfits, complete with muscle chests!

There were a few fights between the boys over who was going to be Aquaman, The Flash or Killer Croc. My daughter had a super cool Harley Quin outfit and I was…. you’ll have to keep reading.

Initially I wasn’t a fan of Harley Quinn as she’s no role model for my 9-year-old, BUT she hasn’t seen the movie and so I let it go. It’s not as though Killer Croc is a super hero and I let my son go as him so I wasn’t about to start having double standards.

You can’t die in every ditch about every single thing.

ANYWAY, for your viewing pleasure here is my family, including scary husband as Killer Croc, dressed for Halloween.

On Being DC Comics Characters This Halloween

Halloween aquaman

Aquaman and The Flash

Halloween killer croc

Creepy Killer Croc

Halloween Harley Quinn

Tween attitude came easy to this Harley Quinn

Notice the cute white-pawed photo bomber in the photo of my daughter? I only saw it when editing this photo.

So while we weren’t wearing scary costumes, we did have a black cat, so that counts right?

Now before I reveal the photo of myself, can I just explain that the costume I received came in this packaging.

-Bat Girl

As you can see it’s for ‘playful adults’ – which gave my hubby and I quite a giggle. Well I was giggling, he was probably a little bit excited #groan.

My kids thought I looked amazing and encouraged me to put the ‘boots’ on, but I told them I’d get too hot… #whitelie.

So here I am, all dressed up and ready to go out round-up some baddies as Bat Girl!

halloween bat woman 1

Urm, Bat Girl.

And did I roam the streets with pride wearing this super fine costume? Hell no, I was a chicken and just wore the mask, for a little bit.

Next year I’m going to be sick at Halloween. While I love that kids dress up and have fun, some are just in it for the lollies.

Okay that’s not true, they are ALL in it for the lollies.

My friend and I think next year we’ll just host a Halloween party on our front lawn so we can stay put instead of risking life and limb on the streets at night.

Tell me, you a lover or a hate of Halloween?

Ever hosted a Halloween party?

What about playful costumes? Actually scrap that, I don’t want to know!


*We were gifted five awesome DC Comic costumes from Warner Brothers Consumer Products and no money was exchanged. 


  1. I love Halloween! the kids have a ball and love dressing up too. I got a witch dress four years ago and I still wear it around town on Halloween, with a witch nose and face paint. It’s a great community event here with a town map so we go straight to the source of the lollies without bumping into any ‘halloween grinches’. After seeing your fab costume, I am going to have to up my game 🙂

  2. I used to be anti Halloween but now I think I’m just non-plussed. If we’re invited to something, we’ll make an effort but generally speaking I don’t decorate our house/yard or hand out treats. Maybe over time that will change, but for now I am quite fine with being indifferent! Each to their own, though.
    Personally, I think Christmas is where I really shine haha. I just focus my energy on that!

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