A Baby In The House Has Caused An Emotional Stir

A storm is about to roll in, the cat is asleep on the kitchen table beside me and in my office my precious 7-month-old niece is sleeping.

And it’s been an overwhelming experience. Not in the way you think. The jump from 3 to 4 kids isn’t that big. Not like the one from 2 to 3.

But it’s the emotions that having a baby in the house again has stirred up that have surprised me.

I’ve been playing mum since my mum reluctantly handed over her darling granddaughter to me last week.

My sister is overseas and we both persuaded her to leave her cherub with us, selfish of us huh?

And gosh what a wee gift it’s been to have her in the house. The kids have LOVED swooning over their baby cousin.

I have enjoyed being able to enjoy a baby, just one. You see I never really got to do this with my babies.

Well I suppose I did with my first but she had chronic reflux and never slept (never) and always cried in pain and was incredibly challenging. (still adorable though).

Then quickly my other two babies arrived and as soon as they did the oldest had to grow up overnight.

It sounds silly but having a baby in the house has brought up emotions and feelings from back when I was in baby land.

Damn it was hard during those long days. Just me and my three babies. There was really no village back then.

Yes hubby was amazing, but he’s never been home in the mornings, not since we met, and usually the start of the day is the toughest with babies and toddlers and all that it comes with.

But there was daycare and that was a godsend for my sanity at times.

One thing that popped into my mind was my son’s monthly appointments at the hospital for his kidney condition. Once my youngest was born I had to drag all three of my children with me.

Often we had to go in the rain, burning heat or when I was sick. (gosh what a pity party this sounds like, but it’s just the truth)

We had to find a car park, get everyone in the stroller and then expect my precious 4-year-old to be a lot more mature that she should have had to have been.

Usually I’d have to wake one or all of my kids and then they’d be starving or need the toilet or their nappy changed.

I recall trying to breastfeed my newborn on my lap while my older two played in a fenced off area waiting for our specialist paediatrician appointment. Often for 3 hours.

I became friends with the receptionist Gwenda (who is still there today nearly 8 years on and I buy chocolates for every Xmas) and after a while I knew to come a little late.

These days our appointments aren’t so regular and of course my babies are grown and the lengthy wait is easy. Boring, but easy.

Looking back I am proud of myself. I know there are mums out there who’ve been through and are going through worse. And hats off to them also.

Damn we mums are amazing aren’t we? The things we do on a daily basis that no one but us know about?

But you just do it right? What choice do we have?

And it hasn’t been until I’ve been playing mum to my baby niece that I’ve stopped to think about.

Then again, when I look at my precious niece I am also reminded of those special and amazing baby days and how grateful I am to have had them.

My niece LOVES our cat and squeals in delight when she catches a glimpse of him. Her smile is constant and her eyes twinkle when her cousins play with her.

As for me, I get to cuddle, feed, have my hair pulled, blow raspberries and shower her in love and affection every time she’s awake.

Babies truly are a gift and bring joy to the soul.

And I know lots of women never feel like they are ‘done’ when it comes to babies.

But I’m not one of them. I only just had enough mental fortitude to survive 3 babies in 3.5 years.

Alright, I’d better go wash some bottles and wait impatiently for ‘my’ baby to wake so I can stare at her all day and make her laugh.

Can you believe you made it?

Feel like you could go one more baby?


  1. I am definitely done with my OWN babies(I still call my youngest my baby). I am excited that my niece is having one in December and will get to coo over her at Christmas time. I can’t believe I made it, still making it actually. This mothering thing doesn’t stop when they start wiping their own bums, it keeps pushing all the buttons years past that. But how precious are little babes?! Adorabubble!

  2. I finally had our baby (bit of a scary emergency c section unfortunately) and he’s now 11 days old – woohoo! I can’t wait until he reaches the age of smiles and showing his personality. Right now he’s a sleeping, drinking, farting machine!! The first few days of sleep deprivation were hell, but reading about bubs with colic or bad reflux I realise how lucky we have got it right now.

    Knowing that you’re through all of that now I can definitely appreciate that you have a “guest baby” that you get to hand back haha. I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that we have one that’s ours!

    • Oh congrats – I hope you’re not in too much of a blur, but it’s a surreal feeling having an actual baby now I know. I can’t wait to hear you go and am always here for support, even across the interwebs! Warmest, Emily

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