On Having Lippy Kids

My kids are really hating on me right now, not for anything in particular, just because I’m a killjoy who won’t let them rule the roost.

What they don’t realise is that it’s not a popularity contest and they can hate me all they like. I don’t care if they despise me from time-to-time. I have thick skin.

Well, except for when my favourite child (for the day) told me that they wished I would just disappear (don’t tempt me). That kind of hurt, for three seconds.

But then again it was just after I turned the light off in my bedroom so they’d leave. What I wasn’t expecting was a high pitch scream because they were scared of the dark.

In my defence I did ask said child, who had just lost at Uno, to get out of my room repeatedly and brush their teeth before bed.

If you don’t do what you’re told around my joint, I will find a way to make you. I’m a bit of a cow like that.

However, it seems to me children these days are way more lippy that we ever used to be. I would not have DREAMED of saying such things to my parents.

Take this morning from example as we walked to school. Talk about dragging their heels. Anyone would have thought they were walking 20 miles in the snow with no shoes on.

Sure it’s hot, but they weren’t the ones who had to march back up the hill home – that was me!

Me being a cow AGAIN - and making them walk to the supermarket 10 minutes away

Me being a cow AGAIN – and making them walk to the supermarket 10 minutes away

Maybe it’s my fault they have no qualms about saying exactly what they think, because I don’t.

If they are being annoying I will tell them so. Equally, I was praise them for good behaviour. But right now it’s not a daily occurrence.

It’s just a shame they don’t praise me for good behaviour, like the rare occasion I say shoot and sugar instead of swearing. A rare thing that is.

I often wonder if when they grow up they’ll realise I was only trying to help when I told them it wasn’t polite to flash their butts to passing cars.

Or that it’s not the done thing to chew with your mouth open or burp the alphabet.

Who knows, they’ll probably forget all times I was fun and put on a fake Scottish accent and pretended to be a pirate chef making them breakfast.

Or let them lick the spoon with batter containing RAW EGGS! And take them on great holidays and adventures?

And to be fair they won’t know all the behind-the-scenes stuff I do to make sure they are fed, clothed, challenged and happy.

I took them to play the piano at the beach during the Swell Sculpture Festival,

I took them to play the piano at the beach during the Swell Sculpture Festival,

But I suppose that’s what parenting is, a thankless role. Well until they have kids of their own and their lives are made hell and they have kids who say they hate them.

Is it bad to admit that I can’t wait for that day?

See, I told you I was a cow.

Are you kids lippy?

Were you nice and polite as a kid?


  1. I was a bit sulky but never lippy. You’re absolutely right, though. We’re supposed to be our kids parents first not their friend. I’m a bit too soft at times, so I needed reminding. Thanks, Em.

  2. I have bought my kids up to speak their minds, which has totally backfired on many occasions. But as the mother of an adult now, who is independent and strong, I’d say that the lip I received on so many occasions, has actually turned out to be to her benefit. I’m not sure I would do it the same if I had my time again though. Kids are bloody hard work, and their lives just so unfair….lol. I was never like that (said tongue in cheek :))

  3. You’re an awesome mum! You might not be what they think they want right now, but you’re definitely what they need! One day they will be grateful that thanks to you, they didn’t turn out to be assholes!

  4. Maxabella says:

    Lippy as. Just like me. Sigh.

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