Movie World’s New DC Rivals HyperCoaster Packs A Punch!

Hurtling through the Gold Coast skies at 115kp/h in the dark on a roller coaster is not many people’s idea of a good time – BUT IT’S MINE!

Last week I was invited* to the evening launch of Movie World’s DC Rivals HyperCoaster and what a ride indeed.

It’s THE best ride amusement park ride I’ve ever been on. And I’ve had a few, especially as I live on the Gold Coast and have spent time in the US and visited theme parks there.

During the 1.4km-long ride you feel weightless but aren’t thrashed around during the 61m-high series of looping twists and turns.

Movie World’s newest attraction is the LONGEST, FASTEST and HIGHEST roller coaster in Australia and I experienced 4.3G forces and screamed in delight throughout the entire ride!

Thrill-seekers will adore this ride, and there’s even the option do ride it facing backwards. I will eventually try it, just because my kids don’t think I’ve brave enough too.

Movie World's DC Rivals HyperCoaster 6

But back to the launch for a second. We were treated like royalty and arrived to a glowing fluro carpet before being wooed with scrumptious seafood, cocktails and entertainment.

All the super heroes were there and the vibe was unreal. And the cocktail dresses to be seen were incredible!

The CEO of Village Roadshow, Clark Kirby, and the head of the German company that made the $30 million ride, Christian von Elverfeldt, spoke.

Actually I made a point of shaking Christian’s hand and telling him what a thrill his ride was after I alighted it a little later in the night. He seemed quite pleased!

Movie World's DC Rivals HyperCoaster 6

First to queue up!

Once all the formalities were done and dusted, with much fanfare, fireworks and fuss – the ride was declared open.

Not a fan of queues, I hotfooted it to the gates and managed to be in the first bunch of riders, after the VIPs of course.

Talk about exciting! I can hand on heart say I was one of the first 100 members of the public in the WORLD to ride the DC Rivals HyperCoaster.

PLUS – I got to do it in the dark wearing a cocktail outfit and heels.

Movie World's DC Rivals HyperCoaster 6

After the ride we got to listen to the funky tunes of the Stafford Brothers, got to love these Kiwi boys who now call the Gold Coast home.

I even through out a few shapes on the dance floor (thanks 3 glasses of bubbly). But it was Olympic hurdler Sally Pearson who really stole the limelight. She was rocking on.

Hubby spotted a few celebrities, but I was more concerned with the seafood that was on offer. Moreton Bay Bugs, get in my belly!

stafford brothers

Movie World's DC Rivals HyperCoaster 6

Movie World's DC Rivals HyperCoaster 6

But alas, we had to make like Cinderella and leave the ball early because my lovely friend who was babysitting had to work the next day.

It was nice to get dressed up and feel like part of the excitement. Sure beats sitting on the couch watching Downton Abbey drinking green tea with lemon!

My advice, if you’re an adrenalin junkie like me – the DC Rivals SuperCoaster is for you!


Are you a lover or hater of theme parks?

Who is YOUR favourite superhero?

Care to come on the roller coaster with me backwards soon?

*Not a sponsored post, I was a guest of Movie World during launch night.


  1. Yikes. I’m a little bit scared of roller coasters. I went on my last one a couple of years ago at SeaWorld and it was pretty awesome. I love that rush of adrenalin. Meanwhile, looking foxy in that playsuit 🙂

  2. Damn, girl… you look HOT.

    Also, I am hoping you rode the ride BEFORE the seafood and champs cause… messy.

  3. How lucky where you!!!! I also love a fast ride and cannot wait to try it out when I’m up there visiting for The Commonwealth Games!

  4. Looking super hot in that outfit! A short suit was the sensible choice for a HYPER rollercoaster! Good on you for going on it. I’m game, still got my ticket, maybe I will take you up on a backwards ride sometime haha. YOLO an all. We loved Movieworld.

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