Writer refuses to talk about lack of blogging – A News Report

Despite being MIA for an unfashionably long time, a Gold Coast writer is refusing to write a blog post explaining why.

To make matters worse, she’s even refusing to follow protocol and tell her 4 readers (Hi mum, dad and sissy and Cat) that she’s going to try harder to write more consistently.

“When bloggers stop writing for a while it seems almost like they are compelled to explain their absence,” she says.

“Quite frankly I refuse to follow suit. Let’s not and say we did okay?”

“Besides, it’s not as though I’m off galavanting across the countryside (okay maybe a little bit) I’m still chained to my computer most days.”

Rumour has it…

But the rumour mill has it this mother of three is still very active on Instagram, although it’s being weird recently and not letting her include a description of her image.

As such the photo that she put up yesterday seems slightly odd.

“What I wrote was – when you have a day date with your husband you eat ALL the carbs – but no one got to see my witty description,” she lamented.

“So seeing a hunk of bread on a platter with three dips plonked beside them would have been a rather odd IG post from me.

“But what’s even more annoying is that when my Chatbook order arrives, there’ll be no words below the image.”

chatbook order

“While we’re on the subject, I have to say just how much I love getting my monthly order of books, they are quite the trip down memory lane.”

New obsession…

Apparently, there’s another reason the writer/slave/unappreciatedmother has been off her game. It’s a new App her sister got her addicted to.

Basically it’s something word geeks across the globe have been playing for YEARS.

It’s called Words and sources have confirmed the woman often has up to 18 games on the go at once.

“Like I’ve said before, no excuses here. And I can neither confirm nor deny I have a slight obsession with creating words worth more than 30 points,” she said.

“Who knew I could get so excited about a well placed ZA and QIS.”

words app

So it remains to be seen whether the not-so-funny and elusive Have A Laugh On Me blogger is making a comeback.

But if she does, it won’t be with any apologies or promises.



  1. Missed you, you funny bugga! šŸ¤—

    I too have been MIA. Must be something to do with planets doing… something, something! šŸ˜‰

  2. WORDS-so addictive!

  3. I saw the plate AND your description so your witty reputation is in tact with me love! No explanation necessary btw. We’re all human. x

  4. Reader number 5 is stoked you’ve fired up the internet to crank out a blog post. She’s also off now to check out Chatbook because they look awesome! x

  5. That’s the mistake I keep making. I apologise AND make promises. And then I feel guilty when I break them.

    *And repeat* šŸ˜‚

  6. Words eh! I’ll be staying away from that one. Tell the Gold Coast writer it’s good to see her back x

  7. oooh how are the chatbooks? I loved their ad, but never got around to ordering any.

  8. Breaking news: unidentified blogger stumbles across this blog and follows it in feedly, increasing follower count above the average monthly high!

    Ok, so that’s a pretty long headline, but you get the idea šŸ™‚

    I’m so obsessed with playing Crossword with Friends, although I haven’t invited any of my friends to it so I’m actually just playing a crossword a day by myself. But so addictive – I highly recommend it!

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