Mum Caught Wearing Active Wear – A News Report

A woman who prides herself on NEVER wearing active wear in public has been discovered doing just that.

Reports have come flying in from fellow school mums about the mother-of-three and her change of school drop-off attire.

Further accusations have arisen that the mother now walks to and from school almost every day, even when it’s REALLY cold in the Gold Coast, like 10C!

One woman confirmed allegations were true and went into detail into a recent interaction she had with the woman.

“I see her everyday and I almost didn’t recognise her in active wear, white shoes and a hat. She was quick to say it wasn’t active wear and definitely not LJ,” she said.

“Although to be honest I could tell by the fit and the cut of the pants that she was purposely hiding the little white dashes with a bulky jacket.”

The eyewitness says this once active-wear avoidee appeared to have done a complete backflip in regards to her attire in public.

“We used to scoff together and now she has become one of ‘them’.” 

It was hard to get comment from the absconder because every time we tried to chat she seemed in a massive hurry and had white earphones stuck in her ears.

This is considered further proof the woman listens to music on her walk home from school drop-off, a tell-tale sign of….exercise.

Active wear

A person who attends children’s sports games with this woman says she had never seen the woman in sporty clothes in public before. Actually never seen her in them full stop.

“It’s true, she once attended netball in a boater hat and a dress, I mean it’s like she was heading out for a picnic on the green,” they said.

“The rest of us are proud to don our black tight active wear pants and trainers because it shows we’ve been up and exercised and that we’re too exhausted after our workout to change.

“Also, if we get out of our active wear, how will people know that we have been active?”

In a written statement the woman at the centre of the allegations wrote.

“Despite my best attempts to walk my kids to school in my civvies and birki’s – it was just too uncomfortable so I had to cave in and put on my trainers and soft pants,” she wrote.

“Because I wear size 11 and colours are limited, my trainers aren’t bright colours such as fluro pink or green so they aren’t really active wear.

“And my pants are more like really really really soft jeans that are cut off at the knee and taper. And have a tiny useless pocket for a key/coin.

“I’d also like to categorically state that after I walked to my son’s footy game the other day I changed OUT of my active wear before my daughter’s netball game.

“After all, I have a reputation to uphold.”

She did not give a reason for the sudden change of heart in regards to active wear, but it’s been suggested the woman is sick of her children telling her she has a fat belly.

Other reports point to the fact winter is the best time to get in shape for summer and she has a 40th to attend in Sept and she wants to feel fine not frumpy.



  1. I have active wear that I keep in a tallboy. It never gets out for walks. You should be commended for walking yours. I should be reported to CAAWS(cruelty against active wear society) for neglect.

  2. A boater and a dress playing netball.. she must have gone to an awesome school and made life long friends that also wear boaters and dresses to netball games 😝😝
    Love ya work em…. I may have also joined the active wear group and completed some exercise!!!
    Much love to you and yours xxxx

  3. ‘Really really soft jeans that cut off the knee and taper’ Whoever the mystery active wear woman is, I like her style! She sounds like a lot of fun x

  4. Size 11! Well you know what they say… big feet= big brains. Happy exercising! I’m back into it too.

  5. It must be in the water! I’ve found my motivation too walking most mornings last week. In the frost! What is happening to me? But I’m home before the sun rises so noone actually sees me in my ‘active wear’ which is a good thing….I guess…. because I’m no fashion plate let me tell you. Let’s just say it’s functional. 😉

  6. as long as she is NOT wearing black socks with said white shoes she is safe.
    Because NO.

  7. I am Suzy and I am an active wear user to soccer every single Saturday. And I also need to admit that on Friday, I could not be assed getting into anything other than my tracksuit pants for school pick up. There, I said it. Can you imagine what they are saying about that? It just felt so good so I am tempted to do it again.

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