Why I’m Proud To Be Married To A Tutu Wearing Man!

I nearly burst with pride as I watched my hubby trot off to the supermarket in a bright blue tutu followed by his son in a dazzling green ensemble.

What made it even more special was my son actually put his green tutu on to enter the grocery store. Either to support his dad or because he wanted to be just like him.

We were returning home from the Little Big Dash, where we were dressed as the Rainbow Warriors sporting tutu, leis and sweat bands. Quite the sight we were!

To avoid pregnancy rumours that were bound to arise should I be seen in public wearing the tight white shirt I was sporting, I dared hubby to get some supplies without changing out of his costume.

tutu wearing real mean coles

I crinkled a $50 note in front of his face, the kids laughed at the idea and he agreed. Of course he did. I don’t give away $50 to any old person, well unless he’s named Dan Murphy.

Leaping out of the car my two tutu-wearing beloveds got their goodies and then of course had to snag themselves a sausage on the way out.

With a care factor of zero, my hubby was in no hurry to return to the safety of the car. At this moment I think I might have just fallen in love with him all over again.

Okay that’s a bit dramatic, let’s just say I remembered why I fell in love with him in the first place. What you see is what you get. He is 100% BS free and rarely cares about what others think of him.

My daughter could not believe her dad would do such a thing and I told her what an incredible man he was. But she won’t really get it until she has kids of her own.

As for our sons, well they weren’t embarrassed mainly because their dad is a great role model in regards to the fact there’s no such thing as boys and girls things.

He’s helped me paint our boys’ fingernails and never tries to influence the way they play or what they do. He’ll also kick a footy around with them if they ask.

The gift he’s giving them is an open mind and the knowledge that it’s pointless worrying or caring about what other people think of you.

If only we were all born with this knowledge! What a gift it would be to humanity and to ourselves.

I’m ADAMANT my children be allowed to express themselves however they want, regardless of assumed gender roles or stereotypes.

And should someone dare say to my kids ‘you run like a girl’you throw like a girl’ ‘stop crying and be a man’ you will probably hear the backlash from your own backyard!

Maybe this won’t endear me to everyone but I have few shits to give anymore. It’s probably because I’ve been married to a tutu-wearing man for so long!

And what of the $50? Well I got $3 change because instead of stashing it in his ‘secret place so you can’t steal it’ he used it to buy the groceries.

He is a good egg.

Dared your hubby to do something outlandish for $50?

How about worrying about what other people think? Got rid of that burden yet?


  1. Hugzilla says:

    Hahhahaha how good is this!? I love that pic of both of them walking off together – definitely one for his 21st birthday party.

  2. I love seeing stuff like this more and more. I am always so pleased when my hubby role models doing housework and not batting an eyelid if my kid wants to wear nail polish (much less so these days probably because I don’t really do my own nails so he doesn’t get all excited seeing the bottles of varnish out) or play with a doll or watch a movie about a princess or pick the pink/purple thing etc. I think this stuff is so important. We have to move with the times!
    My hubby was also recently named as a person at his workplace who will actively support women in his male dominated industry and he says he cops flack over it from less enlightened dickheads, but it hasn’t deterred him and that makes me very proud.

  3. What tremendous example you are both setting for your gorgeous children, how wonderful life would be if we grew up not spending too much time worrying about what others think. xx

  4. What a legend! You got a good one, Em.

    I can’t say I am completely at zero fucks about other people’s opinions but I am certainly streets ahead of where I was 10 years ago. Every year, it gets a little bit easier to just be me. xxx

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