That Time I Was Reckless & Lived To Tell The Tale

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Once upon the 90s there was a girl who fancied herself a little bit of daredevil.

As such she thought it a good idea to actually try to get her granny blue Ford Escort air bound over a hill in true Dukes of Hazzard style.

With mates in the car and a giddy head she gathered speed and went for it with reckless abandon, the Red Hot Chili Peppers blaring in the background.

For two seconds she felt a rush of adrenalin and then sadly ended up in a ditch with a sore neck and a great big whopping dent in the front of her car that she had to try to explain to her parents.

(butter wouldn’t melt right?)

Dukes of Hazzards NRMA

When she lived in New York as a nanny a few years later, such was her talent for mishaps, she knocked off her side mirror, not twice but three times. Of course none of the incidents were her fault.

Years later this woman didn’t look hard enough when she was reversing down her driveway and managed to knock over a recently installed rock mailbox (weighing about 300kg) in full view of her husband.

All I can say is that I’m glad my husband only witnessed and knows about one of these events because it would make my case for a new car that much harder.

Actually he’s recently offered to buy me a bigger vehicle, but he suggested a van. With a sliding door. He’s lucky I didn’t divorce him on the spot.

I blame the ‘I jammed my finger in the sliding door of the school bus’ incident of 1986 for my hatred of vans.

My preference is a 7-seater, ideally one with a self-cleaning function. A chauffeur would also be handy. And maybe a screen between the kids and I like taxis in NYC used to have to block out the noise of their fighting.

I have been keeping the chatter about this to myself because I’d hate for my current car to know I wasn’t happy, as it would probably blow a head gasket or fan belt just to spite me.

But truth be told I have been looking at cars. Gosh what a minefield it is and I have so many questions.

Like how hard is it to get a car loan if you’ve already got a mortgage? Are there fees? Will it take weeks? Where do I start?

Well why not with the good folk at NRMA. I have been a customer of them for years and have had great service. To be honest I didn’t even know they have a range of used car loans and support products.

So I went to their site and used the car loans calculator  to see what it would cost me to borrow $20,000 over five years at 6.99%.

I found out my monthly repayments would be $395 a month. Totally doable right? And members can get up to 1% discount!

However, one of my biggest worries when buying a used car is that I’ll buy a lemon or a vehicle someone is offloading because they know it’s just about to die.

Well NRMA has a nifty little service called CarHistory, it delivers an instant and easy-to-read vehicle report for $29.50* for NRMA Members (RRP $36.95).

You can also call one of their mobile vehicle inspectors to come and check out your potential buy and possibly save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

And let’s not forget the stress you’ll save by ensuring the car you buy won’t die and leave you packing a tantrum on the side of the room.

Not that I’ve done that before, much.

duke of hazzards

Ever tried to pull a Dukes of Hazzard move?

Tell me, you in the market for a new car?

Ever bought a lemon? Tell me all about it?


  1. Ha ha, mid 1980’s I actually had a red Ford Escort. What a car! After a session at the local watering hole I decided to be a responsible driver, walk home and collect my car the next day. Some locals decided, in the early hours of the morning, it would be funny to pick that red Ford Escort up and carry it across the other side of the road and wedge it between two street signs. Luckily the local policeman at the time had a good sense of humour! My Dad thought it was absolutely hilarious. Damn heavy solid car – must have been a crew involved!

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