Who’s The Haggler In Your Household?

If you’re in the market for a red hot deal, never take me with you. Why? I just can’t haggle.

Sure it might seem odd considering I interview mostly strangers for a living and can churn out a pretty nifty Vox Pop when called upon.

But the fact remains there’s been times I’ve paid full price because I just didn’t have it in me to ask for the 10% most retailers will give if you ask.

Take JB Hi-Fi for example, its bright yellow exterior is just screaming for customers to ask ‘what’s the best price you can give me?’

I only ever send my husband in to buy appliances because without a beat he’ll get some decent cash off. It’s a gift I admire and respect.

Recently we were looking at fans and when it came to negotiation time I skulked away and busied myself with rummaging through the $9 DVD bin.

(As an aside, does anyone still buy DVDs? I’ve got about 300 collecting dust with half of them missing actual discs.)

How do I go asking for money off? Well I usually end up going red in the face and start sweating profusely. Then my mumble gets worse than it already is. Not exactly the way to nab a hot deal.

Travelling overseas I’m a shocker too, I know in some places it’s part of the culture to haggle and barter but I’m such a soft touch.

When I’m in third world countries I figure they deserve a little more of my money because they live in a shack and have to pretend to like westerners all day.

Who’s The Haggler In Your Household?

Either I’m a sucker or have a big heart. I certainly won’t be a millionaire anytime soon.

The way I see it you have to be partnered with someone who can haggle hard, or at the very least know someone who can go shopping with you and do the bargaining.

Maybe you’re married to a haggler or you’re the haggler, either way you know what I’m talking about.

Now my question is, how do two hagglers work out who is going to work their magic? Do they haggle to win haggling rights and that euphoric feeling that comes from scoring big time?

Or what about partnerships where NEITHER person feels comfortable asking for a discount? Do they always pay full price?

I really want to know what bargains you’ve got recently by haggling?

Are you the haggler or is your partner?

Got a great story to share?


  1. Hugzilla says:

    You have just described my entire relationship with that JG Hi Fi scenario. I wander off and look at shiny things while the hubster gets down and dirty with the haggling. I just can’t do it – I’m too bloody nice!

  2. I’m the haggler, and it’s sick. It brings out the worst in me, yet I do it ALL THE TIME. My husband and I just bought a house and I literally threatened the sellers with snakes…it’s a long story, but I got a great deal on my house. It will comfort me when I am in hell.

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