When The Chips Are Down

Those who follow me on FB will know I recently experienced toe trauma, and will probably lose my nail.

Not such a big deal I know, but poking a needle into my nail to relieve the pressure was, but I did it. Oh the relief. Sadly it was short-lived.

This morning I’m off to get it some medical treatment, I can’t be hobbling around forever. Plus I hate walking slow so I need my toe back to normal stat!

So what’s this got to do with chips being down you ask, well it’s about how my children reacted to their mother screaming in pain and swearing uncontrollably.

Two out of three did not move an inch to come to my aid, only one came running to see what had happened and how I was.

Of course I can’t out the two that didn’t come rushing to my side because apparently the contents of my blog might cause them some emotion scarring when they’re older.

But I just laugh at that, it can’t be any worse than what I’m doing to them in everyday life. They’ll probably read this blog and just smile and nod.

So back to the ‘I dropped a hard-core plastic (Tupperware) container with 3kg of flour in it on my toe because my pantry is so untidy and I was rushing’ incident.

Tuppercare container of pain

To be fair to my kids I do curse and yell a lot in everyday life, so maybe the lack of response was because they were thinking ‘here we go again, crazy dragon lady is back in town’.

Regardless, my nail went black instantly and the trapped blood has continued to make my life hell some 30 hours after the event.

Speaking to my kids it became apparent that they were thinking only of themselves during the incident. One had the shits because I insisted they stop watching stupid YouTubers on their iPad and do something educational.

The other one didn’t want to get cold and leave the comfort of the duvet they were sitting under.

Upon reflection it’s not the end of the world and I’m just grateful hubby had the day off work because he moved like I’ve never seen before and leaped out of bed (yes he was still in bed) to come to my aid.

Well for 2 minutes, after he advised me to soak my foot in the pool he went back to bed.

I can’t completely write him off though, last night he attempted to drill a hole in my toe to relieve the pressure. With his headlamp on he looked like he was about to go caving!

We stopped the procedure because it was too sore and ineffective. Made for some gory photos though.

Tuppercare container of pain 1

As for my two children who didn’t even fake an interest, I spoke to them about compassion and how it was a trait they simply must have in life.

I’m not too worried to be honest, they’re nice to animals so aren’t likely to become serial killers. But still.

It sure was quite an eye opener in regards to how selfish kids can really be. Let’s just hope they’ll grow out of it or next time at least pretend they’re concerned for their mother.

Tell me, do you have one child who would be there?

Who is your chips are down person?

What about my big toe? Ever damaged yours this bad?


  1. I have 5 kids, and none of those 5 kids would be bothered to come and find out what was wrong. That would be too much work. I do hope your toe is ok. Sending much love and squishy cuddles xxx

  2. When my kids were much younger, 4 and 3 they found me one day lying on the floor having a 5 minute nanna nap. I had been putting the linen away, hopefully you know how exhausting that can be. Anyway, my nap was rudely interrupted by them discussing loudly amongst themselves if I was dead. Then they kicked me, decided I was when I didn’t move and went into the kitchen and ate all the chocolate biscuits. They got the shock of their lives when I rose from the dead. So yes I understand your frustration. Hope you’re getting all the drugs you need x

  3. My 5 year old would be with me in an instant. I am not sure if it would be more out of curiosity (he’s a busy body) or concern but I am treasuring every single moment before he gets bigger and more annoyingly self absorbed (I mean it’s bound to happen – even if it’s just a phase)!

  4. Milk it for all it’s worth Em. Only one of mine was ever concerned when I was sick or injured and he’s the only one in the will. Lol.

  5. Mine always have headphones on and can’t hear a damn thing. Probably on purpose… Hope your toe is feeling better.

  6. Ouch ouch ouch!!! My husband has drilled a hole in my thumb nail before to release the blood and pressure. God there’s nothing worse is there? So much pain. I ended up losing the nail. I hope the doc can help and give you some antibiotics too in case it gets infected. I’ve been there done that with a netball injury. Yikes. Get better soon! xx

  7. OUCH! Toe nails take forever to grow back too! You poor thing. x

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