Help? How On Earth Do I Not Binge Watch Netflix?

Breaking up is hard to do – especially if the other partner makes it hard and is so needy their behaviour borders on desperation.

But I’ve been trying to make this break since February last year. Each time I just get sucked back in, maybe I’m just too soft.

However, it finally happened at 12pm on Friday night. Foxtel left our lives for good.

Sure we had to jump through hoops to make it happen and my husband was transferred to a serious negotiator who tried to entice him with promises of ‘an exciting new opportunity’ on the horizon.

We now know this to be Foxtel Now, it was rolled out a week after we finally managed to end our long-term relationship with pay TV.

Oh those earlier years with Austar pre-2012 were wonderful, especially when I was breast-feeding in the middle of the night and watching back-to-back Sex In The City reruns.

But as adverts crept in and lengthened and our bill increased, I knew this relationship would not be long term.

So Foxtel is gone and while I was looking forward to a little less TV, while I was pissing my pants at the Women Like Us stand-up comedy show on Saturday night, unbeknown to me my husband forged a new partnership….

With Netflix.


Well to be fair we’re just taking advantage of the first month free trial and then we’ll see.

But I must say that an entire new world has opened up for me and quite frankly I’m feeling overwhelmed. There are so many great shows to watch and no time.

How do people function with all the awesomeness available at their fingertips? For someone with an addictive personality I’m scared that once I start I won’t be able to stop!

My house is already on the slippery slope to one of those hoarders shows, and my waistline isn’t getting any smaller.

Maybe binge watchers just get less sleep? But what else are they sacrificing? Maybe they are smart and squeeze in a 40-minute show at an unusual time?

Then there is deciding what to watch? I put the question out there to my wonderful Facie community.

So far nearly 4000 people have seen this post and more than 63 people have left comments.

A few people even jokingly (I’m sure) threatened to end our friendship if I didn’t start by watching a certain series, SUCH is their passion for it.

It’s quite apparent to me that Netflix has taken over our lives. Everyone gave me so many great suggestions, click here to read them all.

Much like blogging, that consumed my life from 2012 until 2015, there is a high chance that from now on I shall live and breathe Netflix and forsake all others.

Well maybe my kids might get a look in from time-to-time, if they’re not driving me up the wall. So that won’t be often.

So my questions are…

How do you manage your time with Netflix?

What are YOUR top 3 series

Do you still have Foxtel with a bit of Netflix on the side?


  1. Totally get what you’re going through! I love watching Netflix and often feel overwhelmed that there’s so much I want to watch and not enough time to see it all in! My suggestions on your post were Love, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Master Of None, but some other awesome shows I love are Flaked, Bojack Horeseman, Santa Clarita Diet and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Good luck getting everything watched! LOL 😀

  2. I am addicted. Absolutely addicted. Currently bingeing on the latest season of Orange Is The New Black. And Party of Five – that very dramatic and cheesy show from the 90s. Recently enjoyed Love. Designated Survivor is pretty good. I have a MASSIVE list ready to go and will probably never get to finish it! I trialled Foxtel Play or Foxtel Go or whatever it was called for free over the summer holidays. We really enjoyed it but just could not justify the costs. Might trial Foxtel Now as a way to mix things up on the school holidays but to be honest, they really need to find ways to bring their costs down? Am I being unrealistic? I just don’t think they can compete with the streaming services that are already out there.

  3. Oooh a list of what to watch! I’ve not long joined the netflix band wagon and you are right so much to see, so little time … okay, so I spend a lot of time breast feeding etc. so I have plenty of time however that then leaks over into when I’m not breast feeding, then the rest is history. Hey, I am just stoked that for the first time ever I have grown up internet and can use AS MUCH AS I WANT. Anyway, to shows I have watched. I had to watch Anne with an E (honestly how couldn’t I being an Anne with and e myself and having loved Anne of Green Gables) and loved it so far. I’ve watch The Crown, that one was quite good. I started watching Love which turned into binging it, which turned into wondering why the heck I was watching it. I’ve also been re watching Call the Midwife because I have no idea where my collection got to AND so much easier than changing DVDs.
    Yep it is addictive and in some ways there is way too much to choose from, I have no idea what I want to watch next.

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