A School Holiday MUST-DO Event – Little BIG DASH!

I’d like to consider myself a fun mum, although I’m sure my kids have an entirely different view of me.

They probably consider me more of a poorly dressed drill sergeant who makes really lame jokes and silly faces that they laugh at because they feel sorry for me!

One thing that I AM, is determined to give them fun experiences, which is why we’re doing the Weet-Bix Little BIG DASH obstacle course in the July school holidays.

Nothing says ‘look at me I’m a hip fun mum‘ like wearing a ridiculous costume while running with your kids through a room full of bubbles!

Last year my youngest was too young to enter (4) so I took my older two and it was fabulous. This year all five of us have signed* up to do it, and we’ve named ourselves The Rainbow Warriors!

Now that name will only mean something to you if you’re a Kiwi older than 35, a history buff, a French person or a passionate environmentalist.

Short version: 

In NZ in 1985, French secret service agents planted two bombs and sank a Greenpeace ship, the Rainbow Warrior. One crew member was killed. It was an instance when a government chose to respond to peaceful protest with deadly force. But peaceful protest has prevailed. You can read the full story here.

Unlike our namesake, we don’t intend to sink during the Weet-Bix Little BIG DASH. Instead we are going to dress up in five different colours of the rainbow and be WARRIORS!

Up there for thinking, down there for dancing. Speaking of dancing, how about that photo below. I rarely get embarrassed but this is a SHOCKING image of me.

Weeti-Bix little big dash

Not a inch of active wear in sight, but a ‘swallowing flies’ mouth!

What you need to know about The Weet-Bix Little BIG DASH:

When and where:

  • July 9 @ Limestone Park, Ipswich (40 min from Brisbane, 1 hour from Gold Coast)
  • August 6 @ Newington Armory, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW


To show your kids how much fun you can have as a family getting out and about while tackling obstacles such as a room full of bubbles, rope courses and an inflatable slide.

Will my kids LOVE it?

They will ADORE it and beg you to bring them back next year. Prepare them for big crowds, a bit of mess and lots of new experiences!

You also get a leg strap for the three-lagged race, which your kids will love to use at home after the event.

Will I embarrass myself?

If you don’t then you’re not having enough fun. I tripped a few times and was slower than my kids but all in all I survived.

What if I have the speed of a frail snail?

Then so be it. It’s not a competition and fitness freaks will pass you (sorry if you ARE a fitness freak). But there’s plenty of normal folk just doing it for fun.

There’s no prize for first place and at the end you get a cool white T-shirt and textas and you can draw on each others shirts!

What are the free activities to do why you’re waiting for the event to start?

  • Weet-Bix soccer zone next to the free Weet-Bix breakfast to practice your kicking skills
  • The walking roller for you to jump inside and power along
  • A mini cargo crawl (for younger kids and their parents) to wriggle under
  • Plus there will be food and COFFEE vendors in the Village and special Weet-Bix merchandise to check out.
  • A Bupa Team Family Zone with fun activities for the kids.

Once you’re done you can do activities you might have overlooked in your excitement to start the dash. Last year there was a photo booth with props, see below!

Weet-Bix Little Big Dash

Get more information on this awesome event here!

And if you end up doing the Ipswich one, come and find me and my family and we’ll have a selfie together!

DISCLOSURE! We received our five tickets free of charge thanks to Bupa Australia and I offered to write about the event in the lead up because I truly believe if you can do it, you’ll all have a ball. They’ll learn new skills, overcome fears and have a ridiculous amount of fun! All views, opinions and cheeky remarks are my own.

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