What’s REALLY Been Going Down In Emily Town

HEELLLOOOOO – is anybody still reading? Gosh I’ve totally fallen off the wagon in recent weeks in regards to my humble blog.

They say if you REALLY want to do something you’ll find the time for it. But then again ‘they’ also say that eating doesn’t make you happy, idiots.

So what have I done and learned recently? I won’t bore you with long-winded anecdotes, here’s a snapshot of what’s gone down in Emily town in the past few weeks.

  1. You thought that the first thing on this list would be really exciting and interesting right?
  2. I’ve taken about 600 photos of my niece and am totally smitten
  3. I’ve swam in the Great Barrier Reef with turtles, Nemo, Scar and most importantly MY KIDS
  4. My house isn’t any less cluttered than it was the last time we spoke, considering just selling and leaving it all behind
  5. One of my kids has DODGY baby teeth and I spent the next 5 years wine money getting them fixed under general anaesthestic
  6. Apparently I have a dodgy spine and neck and need chiro work STAT. But I’m not a fan of cracking bones
  7. I’ve realised I can live without steamed dim sims for more than 10 days
  8. My favourite song right now is STILL Something Just Like This – by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay – 6 weeks and going strong
  9. During lunch with a friend I discovered I need to get out more during school hours, and not tell my husband about it (dir)
  10. I’m married to someone who happily takes kids to the loo on the plane, while I get cranky because I have no patience
  11. Who knew that apparently I’m a butterfly person! Saw a bunch at Kuranda and got some AMAZING photos (see below)
  12. Apparently crocodiles don’t have feelings, so I was told by the man at a crocodile farm that breeds them for their skin. So I’m going to stop smiling at them.
  13. AFL is not the work of the devil and my son LOVES playing it. I just wish I knew the rules


cairns birdwing butterfly

Cairns Birdwing Butterfly on my daughter’s hand.

  1. The stupid numbering system has gone back to 1. SIGH
  2. My daughter is a little ripper on the netball court but doesn’t have a pushy mum so she isn’t on the team she should be.
  3. I got a bike for Xmas and have only got on it twice. Oh man that is SO BAD. (walks to garage and kisses bike)
  4. Hang on, maybe I could get out more during school hours by biking to places?
  5. I have taken 6 flights and three holidays in the past 11 weeks because #workhardplayhard
  6. Maybe I should become a writer because I got some great feedback “Absolutely love the content. The writing is amazing, I cannot wait to see it all come together with the website.”
  7. Oh that’s right I AM a writer, silly me
  8. So why haven’t I written a book? Because despite Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic advice, I think it’s all been done before.
  9. I got wine and $ for speaking at a writer’s group at the local library a few weeks ago, #morethanigotatproblogger
  10. I’ve got less time for FB than I used to, I think it’s because I don’t need the validation or have the need to overshare anymore
  11. But then again I’m oversharing right now so I’m a dirty hypocrite
  12. When you have 3 kids you spend 85% of your time signing forms for school excursions, events and sports carnivals
  13. You also spent hours folding washing that is then just SHOVED in a drawer and unfolded
  14. I am going to attempt to write on this blog more because it’s like therapy
  15. For the first time in ages I was embarrassed; yesterday my son was walking barefoot in the shopping centre car park. I don’t do barefoot in places where people spit and cats wee.

So folks, that’s what’s gone down in Emily Town recently. A lot of living life, heaps of deadlines to smash, not much exercise and plenty of holidays.

Now we’re venturing into the second half of the year it’s time I knuckled down and got shit done.

Tell me dear friends, are you a chiro convert?

What about bike riding?

Got any useless info you’d like to get off your chesticle?


  1. Chiro is awesome, something I go out of my way to have done for myself. There are some out there that don’t actually ‘crack’ your bones. Hope you can find one!

  2. Loved seeing the Far North Qld snaps.. errrr pics! It’s a magical area isn’t it? I’ve been 3 times & loved it. As for the chiro– no no no – for me it’s always physio oh oh oh!

  3. Yes, I’m a chiro convert!

    Bike riding? Lycra not my thang – nor is being chased by swooping magpies while riding bike ????

    Useless info off my chesticle – I had chia seed pudding for breakfast! I know – you may gasp!

    Most importantly? WELCOME BACK ???? I’ve missed you ????

  4. I’d personally prefer to try physio and yoga/pilates before going to a chiro. *shudder* But then I don’t know exactly what is wrong. I do know that pilates fixed my lower back and both make me feel taller and straighter. And calmer.

    I rode my bike today – to the post office box 1km up the road. So much easier than taking the car and the air was fresh in my face. I also love riding it to the beach for volleyball on weekends Nick is at his dad’s. But you are in a hilly area. I would not attempt that. Put it on the car and drive down here and we will ride to the beach for coffee????

    I’m looking forward to coffee catch up tomorrow! Will get all my useless stuff off my chest then. Hope you have the time 😉 xox

  5. Sorry dude, the croc farmer told you a lie. Crocs are capable of great tenderness. Probably makes him feel better about the conditions the animals are raised in (and that they’re ultimately sliced up for belts, boots and bags!)

    Good luck with the back/neck situation. I hope you get it sorted – makes such a big difference to overall well being.

    A x

    • Yes I did wonder about the croc, he said it in relation to when they steal their 40 stash of eggs…

      And yes I’m not sure re: back/neck, I’ve lived with it for years so will see. Big hugsx

  6. I’ve been enjoying following you on Instagram {I hope that doesn’t sound too stalkerish}.

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