Somebody call the WAAAAMBULANCE…..

For the past month I have been sick more than I’ve been well and quite frankly instead of soldering on as Codral insists I do, I have given in.

Like Prince Philip I have no more fight left in me. I’m handing out my duties willy nilly and just admitting defeat. And it’s actually very liberating.

I have tossed my martyr crown aside and hosting a ridiculous pity party for one. Yesterday I even watched a TV movie in bed. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

Not since I’ve had kids have I ever done that. I’ve toiled away during bouts of sickness, got on with it and greedily eaten a cup of cement.

But not this time. I’m not ashamed to admit right now I’m in the thick of the worst case of man flu in the history of my motherhood.

Like many males who are afflicted with Man Flu, I am grizzling about how unwell I am and moaning that I’m sick of being sick. I’m even coughing pathetically to make my point.

I’m unabashedly disgraceful*.

Hello my name is Emily and I’m suffering from the Man Flu.

My current symptoms include:

  • Moping about the house with my shoulders hunched emitting monotone moans and obsessive sniffing.
  • The location of a box of aloe vera tissues in every room. Six boxes and counting.
  • Used tissues piled sky-high because I REFUSE to use hankies because… standards!
  • Oil diffusers on 24/7 to open air ways, improve my foul mood and give me some hope of a quick recovery.
  • Wearing foundation, which I rarely do, to hide the fact Mt Vesuvius has erupted on face because… run down.
  • The excessive use of oils on my chest, throat, feet which, according to my husband, makes me smell like fairies farts! #howdoesheknow?

doterra oils cold

It’s not pretty my friends. Not in the slightest.

But if it means I’ll get more cuddles, less attitude from my tween and a minuscule amount of sympathy from the husband (and I’m talking teeny) then I’ll take it.

I figure if come Saturday afternoon my ridiculous Man Flu hasn’t abated, despite my constant moaning, I shall indeed take my wise mum’s advice:

“Have a glass of wine, that’ll help!”

For we all know that mothers are wise wise souls!

Do you think the wine will help?

Had a cold that you just can’t shake recently?

Do you usually soldier on or do you prefer the pity party approach?

*to be honest I’m actually not that pathetic, and am grateful for all the goodness in life. I may have actually hammed this post up a little. I know right? Totally unlike me!


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon. Wishing I could send you some of my 40 cloves of garlic chicken soup. As well as repelling vampires and most people, it tends to send man flu running for the hills.

  2. Oh Em! Snuggle down and moan for the wine I say! Sending healing hugs ???? ????

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