An Open & Honest Wedding Anniversary Poem

Twas’ 10 years ago today that we got married, back then I was even too big to be carried.

We’ve weathered storms and had some laughs, our gorgeous children are off the charts!

Sure we’ve had to change so much, and many times you’ve been my crutch.

And when two people live side-by-side, it’s not unusual to see them collide.

But we’ve made it through some testing times, without committing marital crimes.

There are days when we don’t see eye-to-eye, and I’d like to see you calcify.

Yet these are far and few between, just like a tidy room from our darling tween.

When you’re honest and open as we both are, it’s as calming as the north star.

For there’s nothing we don’t discuss in detail, and my love for you is off the richter scale.

From hotties……..

10 year wedding anniversary

To Tellytubbies

Man this rhyming poem is hard to write, but you deserve a little highlight.

We’re not the same lovesick lovers that fell in love at that gay bar, and we still don’t own that funcy sports car.

But what we’ve got is real and true, and as comfortable as a soft leather shoe.

Importantly I want to thank you for loving me warts and all, especially in my daggy shawl.

For even though I am no fashionista, you love my booty and can’t resista!

For beauty lies deeper than a chubby body and creaky knees, and your love for me is like a gentle and warm breeze.

Let’s make the next 10 years lots of fun, now all the babies are well and truly done.

We can travel, laugh and get so much pleasure, from our gorgeous trio of children we treasure.

P.S – did you know that all I have to give is tin or aluminium, so guess what’s for dinner? Baked beans and a can of beer!

How hard is writing a rhyming poem? Think I should give Hallmark a call?

How long have you been together with your significant other?


  1. I love this! How gorgeous! How were the baked beans and beer? ????

    Thirty years of marriage here. Been through a lot of ups and downs. Pleased to say we still respect the hell out of each other and always kiss and say good morning, goodnight, hello, goodbye. In between the greetings we sometimes give each other the mean stink eye and other times we just burst out laughing. Never dull.

    Funny how so many things change and relationships shape over time but the foundations stay the same.

    Congratulations guys. Big love ????

  2. Cat Jones says:

    Love the poem Em! And LOVE the photos… I’m still laughing! Happy anniversary gorgeous people. Here’s to the next 10! I wonder what you’ll do to celebrate that one? Maddi will be 19!!!

  3. Call Hallmark immediately! Happy Anniversary to you two lovebirds. xxx

  4. I see a bright future for you at Hallmark, when it comes to rhyming, you got skillz! 2007 was a good vintage – we got married that year too! Hope you had an amazing anniversary!

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