Finally – Some Action In The Bedroom!

For many a year I’ve neglected something important in the bedroom, I’d like to blame my kids and a lack of time but that’s not it.

I believe if you’re really passionate about something you will eventually find time for it – and just recently I finally took some action in the bedroom! 

Just to be clear I’m not talking about ‘action’ in the bedroom, because standards, but instead I’m revealing I’ve finally taken action and turned my embarrassingly outdated bed into a masterpiece.

I wouldn’t have done it without the help of Just Bedding who gifted* me a gorgeous bed makeover, complete with cushions – SWOON!

Now from time-to-time I get asked to review products and I’m a bit picky because I want them to be relevant to my readers. But in this instance I do believe it is.

I bet there’s many parents who’ve had a tired old quilt or comforter cover for years, one that kids have drawn on, spewed on or even attempted to cut with your ‘good’ scissors.

A lot of mums ensure their children’s bedrooms are well styled, but often forget about themselves.

So I thought I’d take up the kind offer from Just Bedding and make my bed a snazzy place once again….TA DA!

And with a pillow count of just seven it’s reasonably husband-friendly!

And if you’re wondering why it looks a tad crinkly and non-ironed, that’s because it is. I don’t iron and I’m not going to pretend I do.

Still, imagine how much MORE spectacular this quilt cover would look if I had got mum to iron it for me!

Anyway, Just Bedding is an online store that stocks a complete range of linen and more than 200 quality quilt covers. If you can’t find one you like then I’m sorry but you’re just too fussy.

I was also fortunate enough to be gifted three high-quality cushions that I feel complete the look. It’s all I can do to not lie on my bed all day admiring it.

Ultima cushions left to right, Love Charcoal, Kai Charcoal Square & Raffles White Square.

The kids are now BANNED from using my king-size bed as a trampoline or place to play fight. It’s a place of rest, cuddles and quiet reflection.

I’ve gained control over my bed, no longer is it the place where I breastfeed, change nappies, try to settle grizzly babies or make my toddler take day sleeps.

I have reclaimed my bed after nine years as a parent and gosh it feels great! Each morning I lovingly arrange my cushions and dream about when I shall be able to climb back in bed.

That’s something that never changes, we mums can’t get enough of our beds. And it’s almost a rite of passage for us to make an audible ‘ah’ as they get in bed at night.

And don’t get even get me started about ‘clean sheet day’. Few things beat this, especially if you make sure in coincides with ‘clean hair day’.

So why not treat yourself to a bit of action in the bedroom department, you deserve it!

So tell me what is the main purpose of your bed right now?

What is the pillow count on your bed?

* I was gifted the quilt cover set and three cushions by Just Bedding. I was not paid to write this post but received superb service from Gabriel and his colleagues and quality products and wanted to share my experience with you!


  1. I like your sheets , it matches my quilt lol.
    The cushions look awesome and cosy.
    Only 2 and today it remains unmade.

  2. My bed is wrestling rink, reading corner, trampoline, sleeping space to myself and TWO boys, dining room table and computer viewing space…oh yes, and the other day acted as a table to a tray of tomato plants just watered by son and “I just wanted to put in a cool place with aircon” – my bed!
    Pillow count – zero. any pillows live ON THE FLOOR where they are thrown, not by me…oh yes, and my bed is storage space for undies, teaspoons, laundry not put away, shoes and three baby blankies, zebra, dog dog and froggie. ….anyone else want to join us?

  3. Girl, I ADORE my bed and spend many an hour trawling the net looking for new bedding like most chicks look for fashion.
    Love your new bedding. x

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